Customize Vtiger CRM for your unique business requirements

A functional CRM system helps your business adopt specific functionalities to achieve strategic goals faster and efficiently.

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One-size-does not always fit all. A CRM software will not suit your business requirements if not tailored to align with your business processes. That's why it is important to invest in CRM software that can be customized to work for your organization.

A customized CRM application can be modified to complement your business processes and workflows. It provides a solid foundation for the sales, marketing, and helpdesk team to forward operations efficiently.

Customize Vtiger CRM To Save Time and Lower Costs

With Vtiger, personalizing the CRM system is a matter of a couple of clicks! Let us see what we can customize in Vtiger:

You can set advanced filters to view data fields

Build custom modules

Automate repetitive tasks Purpose-built workflows

Custom assignment rules

Use filters to view reports and analytics

These customizations help streamline business processes and lead to faster time to market and higher adoption.

Why does your business need Customizable CRM Software?

Enhanced User Experience

Facilitates user adoption and enhances their experience. Organizations can make a seamless transition to increase the chances of successful implementation.

Higher Productivity

Enables organizations to create role-specific dashboards that display relevant fields and menus. This increases productivity, drives operational efficiency, and saves time.

Third-Party Integrations

Integrate with third-party apps to enhance functionality and share information between the apps. It enables quick data transfer, smooth collaboration, and higher productivity.

Cost Savings

Organizations can save tons of money by investing in custom CRM software. They only need to purchase specific modules or features suitable for their business model.

Real-time Reporting

Customizable CRM enables managers to predefined fields to generate reports and detailed analytics. This leads to better decision making and helps to improve business performance in lagging areas.


Users will adopt the tailored CRM quickly with less training. It offers flexibility to coordinate as per the business needs and more time to market.

Streamline every business processes

manage users


Control user access

You can control the access of all the users by customizing their Roles, Profiles, and Sharing rules. It helps in giving the control of features and data access to the specified.

automate process


Save time

Reduce manual dependency and save time by automating critical work processes such as webforms, emails, follow-ups, notifications, and workflows.

customize forms


Personalized web forms

Collect and organize all the data you need effectively with personalized web forms by modifying Custom Fields & Dynamic Fields, Picklist Values, and Relationships.

sync with integrations


Integrate on the go

Synchronize important information by integrating with vital third-party applications such as Zapier, Google, and Outlook. Encrypt specific fields to minimize data duplication and increase efficiency.

better reporting


Better data visualization

Use custom filters to drill down information and view specific performance indicators. Create custom-built tabular charts, bar graphs, and pivot tables and export them for in-depth analysis.

filtered lists


Target the right audiences

Make any filtered Lists based on the conditions, and tag them for easy sharing across the organization. List segmentation is helpful in marketing campaigns that target the right audiences.

modify profile scoring


Spot the potential prospects

Modify the Profile scoring criteria and Engagement scoring criteria for a better predictive lead scoring. It helps your sales and marketing teams spot the potential prospects.

clue to the sales team


Hinting your sales team

Customize Pipelines & Stages, Quotas, and Forecast categories. It improves the sales process by hinting at your sales team about the opportunities moving to the closure.

user level access


Customize easily

Users can personalize Timezone, Default Currency, and Date format.


Make the CRM your own

Configure the CRM to run as per your choices, right from the display picture up to the email signature. Choose your business hours, phone and currency preferences, date and time format, language, and more.


Personalize with your company’s logo

Add your company’s logo and other information to the CRM and make it yours. The logo will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen. The company details will appear in Quotes, Invoices, Credit Notes, and other inventory-related documents.

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