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Vtiger CRM integrates seamlessly with applications in your Google Workspace for Work account to deliver true customer One View effortlessly

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Increase your productivity by bringing your Google Workspace (G Suite) applications into Vtiger CRM

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Gmail Integration

2-Way Sync

This feature syncs emails between Gmail and Vtiger CRM. By enabling two-way sync, you can bring emails from your Gmail account into your mailbox and emails from your mailbox into your Gmail account.

Gmail Add-On

Vtiger’s Gmail Add-On allows you to track emails, manage contact data, and drive sales opportunities from directly within your Gmail Inbox.

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Google Calendar sync

Stay ahead of schedule and never miss an appointment or follow-up meeting with the Vtiger Google Calendar integration. Sales representatives can easily view and modify upcoming events to plan their day, even while on the move.

The calendar can be shared between team members to increase visibility and keep everyone in the loop for customer appointments and meetings.

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Google Contacts Integration

With Vtiger Google Contacts integration, you can seamlessly sync all your contacts to multiple devices and access them anytime, anywhere!

Businesses can save ample time and increase efficiency with the Vtiger Google Contact integration. It enables sales team members to maintain and share contact information through a single portal without switching applications frequently.

Vtiger Google Contacts integration can reduce manual work by automating the import process for smooth information transfer.

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Google Meet

Google Meet integration with Vtiger CRM makes your interactions with clients effortless and enriches your team collaborations.

  • Schedule a meeting from the Events, Contacts, and Deals in Vtiger CRM.
  • Send meeting links through email, web chat, and meeting invites.
  • Set reminders to aid you in following up on the email invites sent.
  • Set notifications to remind invitees to attend the meeting.
  • Track Google Meet invites sent by email.
  • Add captions in real-time during a meeting

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Google Drive Integration

Google Drive is natively integrated with Vtiger Documents, using which you can add, manage and collaborate on all those documents within Vtiger.

  • Upload documents and link them to leads, contacts, opportunities or any other records in Vtiger CRM to improve efficiency.
  • Share uploaded documents with sales, marketing and also people outside the organization
  • View the latest version of the document so that you and other team members always have the correct information.
  • Store your marketing and sales collateral's in a single location, to access quickly.

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Google Sheets Export

Export data to Google Sheets easily with Vtiger’s integration

With Vtiger's Google Sheets integration, export data directly from the CRM to your sheets. You can also share your sheets with individuals or teams.


  • Export data to Google Sheets from the List View of Contacts, Deals, Products, and other inventory modules.
  • Export current page data or export all the records to Google Sheets.
  • Export data to an existing or new sheet.

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Google Maps

Maps in Vtiger CRM is available in the Vtiger CRM mobile application.

Using the built-in Maps feature, you can perform the following map-related actions:

  • View leads, contacts, or organizations addresses on the map.
  • Search for an address by typing the business name on the map.
  • Update the address or event location.
  • Route mapping to the event location (for onsite events).
  • Navigate and check-in for onsite events.

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Google My Business

With Vtiger’s Social Module, you can monitor and engage your customers from Google My Business within Vtiger CRM. This is a one-stop shop for reviews, where you can analyze customer reviews and post questions and answers directly to your Google My Business listings.

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Why Choose Vtiger for CRM Google Integration?

Access on the Move: Empower your sales team members with access to real-time information, even on the move. This will enable them to track deals, personalize customer service, and improve performance.

Centralized Database: Eliminate the need to move back and forth between applications by maintaining a centralized database with contact, email, event, and deal information.

Enhanced Team Collaboration: Increase transparency and visibility in all sales activities. Clients and team members can engage better by sharing information, holding discussions, and managing tasks.

Schedule Activities Better: Never miss any important follow-up or meeting by syncing calendar events. Schedule tasks in a master list so that all sales team members can be aware of upcoming activities.


When you sync your Google Contacts and Calendar with Vtiger or your contacts in Vtiger, you will not:

  • Lose a lead
  • Miss a meeting with your contact
  • Let opportunities slip
  • Forget to send an email
  • Miss a chance to send a marketing campaign

You will be spending less time on repetitive tasks and more on closing deals.

The Sync Log displays the list of Contacts and Events that were synced between Vtiger and Google. You can click on the figures in blue to view generated records. You can also download the report as a .csv file for your reference.

If you are a Vtiger CRM user who also uses Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, etc., you can now sync your documents between Vtiger CRM and Google Drive.

When you upload a file to Drive, you will also have a record of the upload in your CRM account. This way, you can access your documents from your CRM account, and you do not have to log in to different online storage apps.

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