Gmail Integration with CRM

Vtiger’s Gmail integration track emails, manage contact data, and drive sales opportunities from Gmail Inbox.

With Vtiger's Gmail Add-on, you get a 360° view of your contact from a convenient sidebar inside of Gmail, on all of your devices.

Vtiger provides a user-friendly Add-on for the Vtiger Gmail integration to help users organize emails and manage communication seamlessly with customers. If you work with customers out of your Gmail inbox, you can now see information about your leads and contacts from right inside of it.

Vtiger’s Gmail Add-on lets you add or associate existing Vtiger contacts to the email that you receive. From there, you can see a complete contact history, add comments, archive the email, update an opportunity or even respond to a case, without ever having to switch tabs between your Gmail inbox and Vtiger account.

Features of Gmail’s Vtiger Add-on:

  • Quickly create a lead or contact, and assign it to a salesperson
  • See a contact’s entire profile and history with you.
  • See or add new notes, opportunities, events, tasks or other information
  • Track case history, respond to and close cases within Gmail
  • Archive an email for future follow-ups

Available in these editions:

Sales Starter Sales Professional Sales Enterprise One Professional One Enterprise

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