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Vtiger web forms simplify data collection and streamline your lead generation process in the CRM. Identify high intent leads and make a personalized approach.

vtiger webform

What is a Web Form?

A web form is an online form that has fields for the visitors to enter their data. Its primary function is data collection.

Acquire more information

Give your leads an option to upload documents right from the web form itself. Use the documentation to serve the leads better.

Strike the iron while it is hot

Expedite lead management by automatically assigning leads to sales reps.

Get the form in just a click

You can easily obtain the HTML code for the web forms you created on Vtiger. Just copy and embed them on your website to display the web form.

Prevent duplication like a pro

Smartly manage duplicate record entries from the web form. You can either retain the current value or update it with the new value or append the new value to the existing data.

Benefits that matter

Skip tedious manual entries by using the Vtiger web forms automation feature. You can design straightforward web forms that make monitoring website visitors simple.

Case studies

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Take flight

PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure light enthusiasts are not left in mid air.



XSEED automates its entire sales process with Vtiger CRM.


Hack growth

HackerEarth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger.

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