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Configure your calendar to simplify coordination across teams and time zones. Synchronize events between Vtiger CRM and external apps for improved efficiency.

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What is calendar management?

Calendar management is the process of prioritizing and scheduling activities like events and tasks to achieve optimum productivity within a set time limit.

Connectivity that lasts forever

Connectivity that lasts forever

Get a desktop or mobile notification or a reminder on the Actions page when an activity is due. Snooze or reschedule activities as needed.

Integrate with Google, Outlook, and more

Integrate with Google, Outlook, and more

Manage all your events from one screen by syncing them with Google Calendar, Office 365, and other calendar apps.

Linked events for easier tracking

Linked events for easier tracking

Whether working with leads, contacts, or deals, create activities that automatically link to the related record so that task information is on hand when it's time to work on it again.

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PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure light enthusiasts are not left in mid air.


XSEED automates its entire sales process with Vtiger CRM.

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Hacker Earth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger.

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