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How Vtiger Help Desk works?

Boost team productivity

  • Centralize your multi-channel support on a single platform
  • Fully automate case creation, assignment, and resolution process.
  • Make it easy for team members to collaborate seamlessly to ensure quick case resolution
  • Turn frequently asked questions into knowledge base accessible on self service portal to reduce case volume and help your team focus on solving more complex problems.

Gain actionable insights

  • Use Vtiger’s help desk insights to get real time visibility into your team’s performance and make data driven decisions. 
  • Visualize the most important metrics such as case resolution time, team workload, customer satisfaction ratings and more to quickly identify bottlenecks and respond to them faster.
  • Schedule reports to convert raw data into actionable insights and find quick solutions to common help desk issues. 

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Configure SLAs to prioritize cases, automate escalations and guarantee customer support reliability. 
  • Establish business hours to set response expectations and support customers across time zones.
  • Send customer satisfaction survey to measure customer happiness after every case resolution. 

Easy to use help desk software

  • Work on a unified platform to provide quick, consistent, and context aware solutions. 
  • Get on-screen and email alerts on customer queries coming from emails, phone calls, chats, webform, customer portal or social channels.  
  • Automate with a personal touch.

Resolve issues faster

  • Collaborate within and across teams quickly to get customer issues resolved in time.
  • Assign co-owners for a case when a different team is working on resolution without losing the visibility into the progress. 
  • Get smart recommendation of relevant answers. Vtiger’s intelligent system learns as you use these recommendations to throw only the best answers.
  • Use canned responses to answer frequently asked questions faster.

Collaborate better

  • Use @mentions to quickly get the attention of team members
  • Create work orders and internal tickets to assign tasks across teams
  • Exchange documents with customers right through the customer portal to avoid unnecessary back and forths.

Amplify customer efficiency

  • Use One View to get a quick view on SLA status and due dates of a customer issue.
  • Swiftly find and track all related cases, chats, and calls and resolve issues.
  • Create invoices for billable hours or deduct free support hours instantly.

Help Desk Features

Why is Vtiger the ideal Help Desk software for your business?

Exceptional Customer Support

Award winning customer service centered around enabling you to succeed

Flexible & Customizable

Customizable at the click of a button to adapt to your people and process

Super-Easy to use

Designed to help your teams spend more time with customers and less on entering data

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