Put your Help Desk data into action in minutes

Real-time insights give you the most current understanding of Help Desk metrics. Starting from a high-level view, you can drill down into important cases that need your attention.

support insights

What are Support Insights?

Support insights help when the support team's performance is not aligned with the organizational or customer expectations. It is valuable to know the underlying factors influencing the performance and why some teams and agents perform well consistently.

Minimize violations

Minimize violations

Identify important SLAs that are due in the near future. Spot backlogs and unresolved cases at a glance and act on them immediately.

agents performance

Understand how your agents are performing

Get insights into your support team's performance based on multiple metrics. Consider metrics as Open Cases, First Response, SLAs, and survey responses to gauge their performance.

leverage history

Leverage history for optimizing performance

Historical metrics provide insights extracted from past performance data like Average First Response Time, Case Age, etc.

hide unwanted data

Conveniently hide aspects that do not matter

Charts usually have data categorized by numerous aspects. Vtiger lets you hide irrelevant parameters as per your need for clear analysis and quicker evaluations.

filter metrics

Periodic filtration of historical metrics

Filter historical metric data by various time frames. Vtiger lets you filter by last seven days, last 30 days, last 90 days, etc.

stay updated on SLAs

Stay updated on SLA Performance and Customer Satisfaction survey

Get information about the SLA fulfillment rate and customer response on the satisfaction survey. Ascertain customer satisfaction levels with the help of survey responses.

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