HackerEarth + Vtiger CRM


Computer Software


San Francisco, California


  • Ease of use and customization
  • Increased sales growth


The Company

HackerEarth is a enterprise software company based in Bengaluru. It provides software solutions to enterprise companies for innovation management and technical recruitment.

The Problem

As the business grew, HackerEarth’s team realized that it needed a CRM system to streamline the entire sales process, helping everyone in the sales team to reach targets faster. HackerEarth initially chose Salesforce thinking that working with them would mean a problem-free experience. But, it wasn't.

“Our sales team found it unintuitive and some even avoided using it. We had a hard time doing essential things like creating reports. And system changes that we needed to make as we grew, were expensive. In the end it just wasn't paying off”, says Ankith, Head of Sales. “That’s when we started to evaluate other CRMs.”

The Solution: Vtiger One Edition

When HackerEarth switched to Vtiger, things started to get better. Ankith continues, “Vtiger provides us with more functionalities than what Salesforce CRM did but at just half the price. Vtiger is easy to configure to our constantly evolving business requirements. It has an intuitive UI and is easy to use. And when we face any difficulties we always get an amazing support.”

Vtiger’s ease of use and customizability increase user adoption

The biggest challenge Vtiger could solve for HackerEarth was related to customizability and user adoption. Ankith says, “Vtiger is an easy to use CRM. The uncluttered user interface helps even the first time CRM users get things done quickly.” He continues “What’s most important to us is that Vtiger keeps pace with our ever evolving business needs. In the first 3 months we must have changed a hundred fields and workflows - which is pretty mind blowing considering how hard that was with Salesforce. Vtiger helped us connect to a lot of the other software we use here, like our sales gamification app. That gave our sales teams more confidence through better data and more motivation.”

Custom reports fuel sales growth

With Vtiger’s custom reports and charts, HackerEarth has insights into key parts of its business. “The way Vtiger allows us to generate custom reports is incredible. I can slice and dice any CRM data to generate reports to gain insights into my sales team’s activities and performance. These reports bring objectivity and transparency into sales which helps me groom my sales team in the best way to win more deals. I start my week by looking into the opportunity report to analyse how much revenue we can bring in that week and identify any blockers.”

Vtiger bridges the gap between teams

Vtiger helps HackerEarth’s sales team collaborate faster and better. “We extensively use @metions and quote approval process”, Ankith says. “We @mention team members in a note on a contact or opportunity to get instant help. And with Vtiger’s approval process in place, my team no longer has to send emails, make calls, or chase down approvers to get quotes approved.”

He continues, “The success our sales team has seen with Vtiger prompted us to upgrade our plan to bring in our customer success team too into Vtiger. This makes Vtiger our all in one solution breaking all barriers between all customer facing teams to delight customers and build an everlasting relationship with them.”