Build Reports From Any CRM Data

Use any Vtiger data to build reports, pivot tables, and charts on a team, pipeline, product, and other performance drivers, pinch charts to your dashboard for frequent use, or export them to a CSV file for distribution amongst your team or further analysis.

Build reports from any data in Vtiger

Build tabular reports that pore over, filter on, and organize every piece of data in Vtiger, from a simple list of comments posted by sales reps in the first week of May to a table of opportunities valued above $1,000 organized by month.

Create and pin real-time charts to the dashboard

Create pie, line, or bar charts that visualize any data across all of Vtiger. Use it to build a bar chart that displays the dollar value of open opportunities currently owned by each salesperson or a line chart showing new revenue per month. Plan to visit the chart frequently? Then pin it to the dashboard for perpetual, real-time visibility.

Export reports and charts to CSV files

Export any report or chart you've built to share with co-workers or do additional data analysis.

Schedule periodic emailed reports

If you or your team reviews reports periodically, skip the reports section by scheduling any report or chart to be emailed in an attached CSV file to a list of recipients.

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New to CRM Reporting?

CRM reporting analyzes your data in-depth to drive revenue and helps managers access the information they need to quickly make informed decisions.

CRM software stores tons of vital customer information; however, this data holds no value until analyzed effectively. Advanced analytics and detailed reports can drill down deep into CRM data to deliver insights on consumer behavior, past sales, pipeline effectiveness, and profitability.

Benefits of Reports and Analytics in CRM

Advanced analytics allows you to cut and slice data to view key performance indicators and organize data into actionable areas. Here are the essential features to look out for in CRM reporting:

Automatic Data Synchronization: Sync data from the CRM automatically into daily task reports to build efficiency. Embed reports and dashboards in websites, applications, and intranets for better visibility.

Real-Time Interactive Dashboards: Get information through live reports to remain updated about your customer and leads. Collaborate with team members and share reports securely, with advanced access controls.

Visual and Graphical Analysis: Use various reporting components, such as pie charts, graphs, pivot tables, and widgets. It helps to represent data and statistics in a visually appealing and understandable manner.

Cross-Functional Reporting: Combine data from different teams and roles to create cross-functional reports. Report the same information to multiple stakeholders and export/print reports for offline access.

Scheduled Report Delivery: Save time by planning routine recurring reports to run at a specific time or day. Schedule to send reports to your email automatically for quick access and convenience.

Funnel Analysis: Create custom reports to view leads and prospects at each stage of the sales funnel. Drill down to know more about sales conversions and drive more deal closures.

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