Take your CRM data on-the-go with Vtiger 360

Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Access the real-time information about your customers, deals, and campaigns from anywhere.


Vtiger 360 features

Collaborate on the go

Connect with your team members using @mentions and get real-time push notifications on upcoming events, tasks.

Access your records offline

Synchronize recent updates in Vtiger 360 before heading out for a sales meeting to access the data offline. Access or modify records you own in offline mode and synchronize when you are online.

View your prospect’s location on maps

As a salesperson, you can use the nearby prospects map view widget to locate the prospects in the vicinity of the current location, enabling you to set up meetings with your nearby customers and prospects quickly.

Prioritize your prospects based on profile score

View contact or organization profile scoring on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on scoring matrix configured by the administrator and prioritize follow-ups.

Vtiger 360 supports dynamic dependency

Dynamic dependency allows you to keep your record views organized by showing fields only when specific business rules are met.

Plan your day

Plan your customer visits faster with Vtiger 360’s GPS enabled features that show your customer sites on the map and let you check-in when you get there. You can also find all the tasks and meetings in a single calendar view.

Attach documents

Upload any document to Vtiger 360 and share it with your clients. You can also upload a document already uploaded via Vtiger web and share it via the Vtiger 360.

Add voice note

Save time on jotting meeting minutes, keynotes, or any other reports just by recording a voice note from the comments section.

Scan business cards

Scan a business card and the relevant fields will be filled automatically and letting you create a contact right away.

Benefits of Mobile CRM App

Don’t have to play the waiting game

A mobile CRM provides a much alternative than mobile web browsing. Web browsing requires more time to launch and makes you to wait for the site to load, whereas the mobile app takes less time to start since most of the information is stored in the application and making it function offline

Collaborate on the go

With mobile CRM you can stay on top of the latest developments with your team, capture great ideas on the go. Field sales reps can quickly send things for approval. Log meeting minutes, and contribute feedback with comments

Ease of accessibility

A mobile CRM provides easy access to upcoming meetings, offers easy navigation to the target location, internal interaction with the team, real-time access to your customer data.

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