Introducing the Vtiger 1-Week Challenge:

Backing our commitment with action.

Let's collaborate to launch your CRM implementation swiftly within just one week*.

Navigating the complexities of setting up business software, especially a critical tool like CRM, can be a daunting task. Implementations often extend for weeks, or even months, when not meticulously planned and executed due to numerous moving parts and affected stakeholders.

Enter our 1-Week Challenge - drawing on our extensive experience assisting thousands of companies in realizing their business objectives through CRM. With the wealth of knowledge and best practices we've accumulated, we firmly believe that a focused joint effort over one week is all it takes. Moreover, Vtiger's user-friendly interface and easy configuration eliminate the need to navigate through a myriad of features just to connect with your prospects.

Has our 1-Week Challenge piqued your interest?

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What does “up and running” mean? (aka What will happen in 1 week)

Core Vtiger One View functionality will be operational for your business. This means -

  • Your sales-reps will see all conversations related to deal or contact in one place.
  • Your sales rep’s time will be freed up from manual jobs such as giving updates and entering records, and getting approvals.
  • Your sales-reps will see less deals slipping by since Vtiger will send timely alerts of idle and at-risk deals.
  • Your support agents will have the information they need to delight customers.
  • Your marketers will be empowered with the customer data they need to send effective campaigns.

Our goal is that at the end of the challenge period you will see clear benefits accrue to your teams and improvements in sales conversions and customer satisfaction.

Prerequisites from you, the customer

We have a few requirements for accounts to qualify for this offer.

  • You should have signed up for a paid edition with at least 10 standard users.
  • You should have filled out and submitted our requirements document
  • You will need to appoint a Single point of contact who is familiar with how your business works and is empowered to get things done internally.
  • Commitment for a 1 hour review meeting for each of the days
  • Credentials of phone/SMS/WhatsApp gateways if Vtiger team is to set up the integration.
  • Credentials for external services (ex: phone gateways..)
  • Last but not the least - we want the world to know how you achieved success. We will need permission to publish CRM success story on Vtiger website (our team will work with you to draft the case study after the implementation is done)

Deliverables from Vtiger

  • CRM Setup
  • CRM Course recommendations to help in User & Administrator onboarding.
  • Your CRM Implementation Summary. This document will list the changes done in the CRM by the Vtiger team.

The Process

Embarking on your CRM journey requires a structured approach to ensure a seamless and effective implementation. Here's a step-by-step guide outlining the key phases we'll follow to achieve the 1 week Challenge:

  • Send email to [email protected] expressing your interest
  • We will send you the requirements form.
  • We will review the requirements document from you.
  • Requirements sign-off by you and Vtiger and the 1 week Challenge clock starts ticking!
  • Vtiger will complete the implementation & data migration (from above listed sources)
  • Vtiger will do a 60 minute demonstration and share a document with the implementation summary
  • Vtiger will share Vtiger course recommendations for onboarding your team members.

Post Implementation Steps

A good implementation is only the first step to guarantee success of the CRM. Users shifting from another tool to a new tool might face challenges. We will be there for you to listen and address such challenges.

  • Weekly call in 1st month.
  • Monthly review call for 3 more months.


There are a few things that are explicitly not included in this offer.

  • Migration from CRMs other than HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM and SuiteCRM
  • Migration of more than 100,000 records
  • Custom App development


  • The 1-week time clock starts after the requirements document is signed by Vtiger & Customer. 1-week is 5 business days. Time spent in back and forth communications before requirements sign-off will not count towards the 1-week timeline for the implementation.
  • Requirements document will be frozen after acceptance. If any changes are needed after requirements finalization, Vtiger team will provide guidance in the post implementation review calls. If you need the Vtiger team to do the subsequent changes, we will review the effort and submit a quotation.
  • Subscription / PO for annual plan with minimum of 10+ users (standard or single-app) should be given after sign-off, before implementation.
  • If Vtiger fails to implement within 1-week time, Vtiger will refund 30% of the $1995 / ₹1,40,000 (excluding taxes) implementation fee.
  • 1-week includes migration of data from any one instance of the following CRMs: Vtiger open source, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM and SuiteCRM.

Get in touch for any assistance on Implementation

Reach out to us at [email protected]


Achieving a return on investment (ROI) from a CRM system typically spans a few months. By choosing an annual plan, you allow enough time for the Vtiger team to work closely with your key stakeholders. This collaboration is essential to ensure that you not only realize the expected ROI but potentially exceed it.

The $1995 / ₹1,40,000 special offer for the new year presents a substantial discount compared to standard implementation fees. CRM vendors typically charge between $3,000 to $6,000 for onboarding alone, which doesn't even cover implementation. This unique implementation fee from Vtiger is a limited-time offer. Coordinating CRM implementation involves close collaboration with various stakeholders on both ends, and we are committed to assigning one of our experts dedicated to your project.

If Vtiger doesn’t complete the implementation within 1 week of sign-off, Vtiger will refund 30% of the $1995 / ₹1,40,000 implementation fee.

Typically, extended implementation periods result from complex integrations, unclear requirements, and the development of custom user interfaces. With our 1-week challenge, our aim is to provide your team with a unified customer view by integrating email, phone, SMS, and WhatsApp channels. We'll also establish automation flows to simplify tasks for your sales and customer service teams. To streamline the process, we're concentrating on integrating key communication channels and requiring sign-off on essential requirements. For any advanced integrations, we'll guide your team on using VTAP and Vtiger APIs. If you prefer Vtiger's assistance for advanced implementation, we'll provide a proposal outlining the estimated time and cost.