Supercharge your Field Agents

Give your field agents the easiest app to execute their daily plan, take orders, get feedback, and do audits or other actions. Maximize performance while they're in the field.

What is Field Sales?

Field Sales is the direct selling of products or services by sales representatives or agents to customers. Sales representatives meet their customers face to face to do selling and may rarely be in an office.

Optimize Beat plans

Choose outlets on a route, Set starting and ending points, Pick the recurring schedule, & Let Vtiger do the rest. It will create the optimal path and alert if the configured route doesn't allow sufficient time at each outlet.

Real-time visibility and control with live tracking

Remain connected with your sales representatives in real time through Live Tracking. You can monitor their location using maps, gain visibility into their activities, and make informed decisions on resource allocations.

Optimize travel efficiency with route planning

Routes in Vtiger Field Sales Add-on provide your representatives with intelligent routing capabilities. The efficient routes are calculated based on distance, outlets, preferred time, and visit priority.

Make informed decisions with field sales analytics

Order Analytics show which products are selling well, and Store Analytics show which stores are doing well. Various charts reveal insights that will shape your decisions to improve results.

Case studies

Why our customers love us

Sales Productivity

Breezway consolidates and automates its business processes with Vtiger, resulting in YoY sales growth.


Pactia uses Vtiger Workflows to automate its sales process to save time and focus on the more important tasks.

Customer Base Growth

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

Enhance your Field Sales Agents' productivity with Vtiger Field Sales Add-on!

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