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Powerful Messaging

Beyond building relationships, the MR (medical rep) conveys the 5-point message to the doctors. The emphasis may shift in each visit, but the content stays within the five message formula.

Vtiger CRM has a unique drip-feed to communicate your messages via SMS, WhatsApp, IMS, e-Mail, and on-demand PDF, videos, etc.

Accelerate Prescriptions

Each visit of the MR to a doctor should help accelerate prescriptions. But prescriptions are made when the doctor recalls your brand and your medicine.

How do you ensure recall in between the MR visits?

Get the doctors, pharmacies, and stockists to download the Vtiger CRM app to stay connected – 24X7, so that you can present content as drip-feeds!

No clutter, no noise.

Performance Gain

MRs are the pillars of a pharmaceutical company, but attritions are alarming! Should your CRM not enable you to ‘recruit right? And should the CRM not onboard your new hires rapidly to reduce the bench time?

Equally important, shouldn’t your CRM help avoid capital costs on expensive tablets and laptops?

Vtiger CRM encourages MRs to use their smartphones. All that your MR requires is made available to the MR via the Vtiger CRM app.

Pharma Industry news, training videos, product info, competitors’ alert...can be made available as on-demand or push content.

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

DCRs (daily call reports) are a vital source for planning campaigns! Vtiger CRM has a powerful Forms feature to design and modify DCRs...when you need it most.

Campaigns in Pharma Marketing include all stakeholders - doctors, pharmacies, and stockists - doctors prescribe, pharmacies fulfill purchases, and pharmacies procure from stockists.

Campaigns help build and reinforce brands and accelerate the sell-through process.

Vtiger CRM geo-fencing encourages you to practise CLM campaigns - where and when you want to plan, launch, and manage promotions.

Vtiger CRM is AI Powered

AI (artificial intelligence) is the core of analytics today.

Can your CRM help perform ‘sentiment analysis’ to help prioritize your efforts more with (friendlier) doctors? Most CRMs capture data but leave the burden of interpretation to you. Calculus helps!

AI-driven CRMs should ideally ‘nudge’ your sales and marketing teams towards actions. Vtiger CRM does that and much more.

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