Vtiger CRM for Pharma Industry to turbocharge your sales & Marketing growth

Vtiger CRM for Pharma Industry is a tailored solution for Medical Reps, Managers, and Marketers to organize and manage sales and marketing activities. It is an all-in-one platform with sales automation and seamless integration with over 500+ business applications.

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Products and Invoices management

Vtiger’s products module captures all information about the medicines, including validity dates, serial numbers, descriptions, pictures, prices, stock numbers, and much more.

Vtiger’s template builder allows your MRs to quickly create invoices to spec, including your company name, logo, and addresses. Send them to your payers or providers via email in a single click.

Synchronize invoices with QuickBooks, Xero, and other accounting software.

Connect with Hospitals, Chemists better

Vtiger’s Contacts module enables you to manage your prospects smartly.

Automatically lets you capture prospects from inquiries via emails, chats, and calls.

Create Organizations records to capture the information you are doing business with and link your prospects to the Organization.

Stay connected with timely notifications

With Actions, your MRs, Managers, and Marketers can stay up-to-date on deadlines, meetings, and follow-ups with your existing prospects.

Get notified about your prospects’ interactions with your emails and documents.

Find out if Doctors/Hospitals opened your emails through the alerts on the Engagements tab.

MRs or Managers can also control which alerts should show up for you.

Get more power with Calendar and Events

MRs can get mobile notifications or a reminder on all the events planned for the day, like meeting with a customer.

Access relevant event details like start and end time, status, etc.

MRs can plan the day accordingly and handle work without rush or chaos.

Travel to your client’s location at ease

With Maps in Vtiger CRM, MRs can easily reach the client’s location without getting lost.

Managers can create a virtual geographical fence, notifying agents when they enter or leave a particular location.

Manage Expenses at ease

Vtiger Expense module enables you to track and claim expenses.

For example, logging a hotel receipt, travel expenses, Insurance expenses, etc.

The expense module automates reimbursement approval, saving time and effort.

Analyze team performance with ease

Get insights into your team’s performance, and managers can take corrective measures if needed.

Easily visualize the average time spent by your MRs in each sale cycle, total revenue gained, etc.

Few key Vtiger CRM capabilities for your MRs

Efficient conversion of Leads to Opportunities to Sales

After implementing Vtiger successfully, the follow-up process improved, and there was an efficient conversion of leads to opportunities to sales.

Retention and customer delight

Since implementing Vtiger, they have reduced the time it takes to prepare and send off their marketing campaigns to under two hours while also gaining valuable analytics on their marketing efforts.

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