Enhance Communication with Vtiger Phone Calls Integration

Phone calls are an integral part of sales and marketing. That's why businesses need to streamline their telephony processes and keep them simple.

vtiger phone calls module

The Phone Calls module in Vtiger provides integration between your telephony service provider and the CRM.

When you install and integrate the Phone Calls module, you can:

Communicate with your customers directly from your CRM screen.

Contact customers directly from your desktop or laptop via different touchpoints - calls, SMS’s, or faxes.

Send or attach documents.

Record voice transcripts.

Take notes in the activity section for future references. 

As a salesperson, you will find Vtiger calls integration immensely useful to communicate with leads and customers. You can integrate various vital services such as live chat, call logging, purchase history, and ticket management. This will help sales reps save time on routine tasks and increase operational efficiency.

There are many preloaded service providers in Vtiger, such as Twilio, Plivo, Asterisk, Telzio, ViciDial, Exotel, Knowlarity and Duocom.

Telephony Gateways that Integrate  with Vtiger CRM

Vtiger provides integration with the following popular call management service providers:

Key Features of Vtiger Telephony

With Vtiger phone calls integration, you can stop wasting time dialing numbers from a phone device. Dial your customers directly from the CRM screen. Make meaningful conversations or have quick interactions and focus on closing sales. 

Incoming Call Notifications

Match incoming calls with lead and contact records in Vtiger CRM. Review information available in a contact record, including call logs p. Provide personalized service and create deals or tickets from the incoming call pop-up.

Call Records

Maintain up-to-date records of customer conversations that can be accessed by sales team members. Listen to these calls at a convenient time and review important information that you may have missed.

Single-Click Dialing

Do not spend extra time dialing phone numbers - just a click on the Phone icon next to lead or contact name will get you connected. The click-to-call feature enables you to make calls directly from Vtiger Leads, Contacts, Deals, Organizations, and Phone Calls modules.

Call Notes and Reminders

It can be hard to track essential details on calls; however, you can easily add notes to phone call records in Vtiger. You can refer to these notes to make informed conversations with your customers. . You can also set reminders for upcoming calls and receive notifications for missed customer calls.


Make sure that you never miss a single customer call by setting up voicemail so that customers can quickly leave messages. You can record voicemail messages and send them to your email inbox. This helps you get back to customers at the earliest and not lose out on any critical business opportunities.

How Your Business Can Benefit by Using Vtiger Phone Calls Integration

Smooth Internal Collaboration

Vtiger telephony integration makes it easier for salespeople to communicate and share information. You can organize team conferences to discuss deals and save time by collaborating on essential cases.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Integrated telephony with Vtiger CRM can prove extremely cost-effective.   Integrating telephony with CRM is economical in hardware, equipment maintenance, and call charges.

Better Accessibility

Telephony integration with Vtiger gives you mobility and allows you to call from anywhere, anytime.  You can work on the move and remain connected with customers around the clock!

Call Automation

You can boost efficiency and save time by automating repetitive tasks such as follow-ups and post-call activities. Vtiger phone calls module enables you to handle more phone lines and automate call distribution to sales reps.

Increased Productivity

Boost team productivity exponentially and streamline communication by using Vtiger phone calls integration. A unified platform makes it convenient to store customer details, track call records and increases visibility across the organization.

Enhanced Control and Coordination

Vtiger telephony integration gives you a bird’s eye view of your team members call schedules so that you can plan your day better. You do not need to switch applications and can manage all customer calls on a single device. This leads to higher control, better responsiveness, and team coordination.