Click to call Dialer - Integrated Telephony in your CRM

Make and receive calls from right within Vtiger CRM, anytime and anywhere.

Team leaders get the capability to track and analyze calls. Intelligent reporting makes it effortless to track the impact of interactions with customers at every stage of the life cycle.

What is a Dialer in Vtiger CRM?

The dialer capability of Vtiger CRM is an inbuilt telephony interface that gives your team the amazing ability to drastically improve their productivity. Sales and support teams can make and receive calls from within their CRM login.

vtiger in-app calling

Simple In-app calling

With telephony natively integrated, making calls is just a simple click away. The convenient user interface saves time when initiating calls and over time the savings add up for team members. This directly contributes to improved productivity and better conversations with customers.

one-click call

One-click is all it takes

Just key in the number you want to call and click the Call button. As easy as that. You can directly call your contacts from the contacts/organization records.

single platform

A single platform for superior co-ordination and improved efficiency

It lets you control and manage communication from a single platform.

Forget switching between devices and apps to find relevant data and then place the call.

web-based telephony

Save money with web-based telephony

Integrated telephony costs less both in equipment and handling as it runs via the internet. And scaling up is easy - handle a large volume of calls with more lines of communication with the same investment.

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