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Vtiger CRM brings together all of your marketing resources in one place to help you expand your lead management.

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How Vtiger Marketing Automation works?

Compile data and simplify your lead generation

Fill up your unique online form to convert new visitors into leads. Implement webforms to improve lead scoring and nurturing on your website.

Send your segmented clientele personalized emails

Compile marketing lists from subscribers and filter them with suitable parameters for segmentation. Tailored content will help you obtain more traction with your email marketing.

Develop and Nurture client ties

Target the right audience with personalized email templates. Send prompted consecutive emails to clients to engage them, and obtain email insights through analytics.

Send SMSes from Vtiger CRM to your potential and existing customers using pre-configured SMS extensions like TextAnywhere, SMS99, Solutions Infini, and many more to enhance your marketing efforts.

Swiftly capture and engage visitors

With a simple drag-and-drop action, you can easily create, edit, and publish specific responsive web pages using CTAs.

Send custom survey campaigns

Create and distribute surveys to your customers and keep track of how they perform.

Manage your social media profiles directly from CRM

Monitor and interact with clients on social media channels such as Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from within the CRM

Analyze and Track

Use data from previous campaigns to boost response rates. Plan and perform ahead of time to keep your team organized.

Key Marketing Features

Why Vtiger CRM?

Exceptional Customer Support

Award winning customer service centered around enabling you to succeed

Flexible & Customizable

Customizable at the click of a button to adapt to your people and process

Super-Easy to use

Designed to help your teams spend more time with customers and less on entering data

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