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Tracking lengthy conversations with customers for a meeting in a typical messaging platform.

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Vtiger appointment scheduling process will allow your prospects/customers to schedule appointments by booking a time by viewing your published calendars.

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How does it work?

Showcase when you are available

Set work timings, slots when you're available for a meeting, buffer times between appointments and how far into the future an appointment can be booked.

Share your personalized appointment page

Share the unique link with your customers or embed it on your website and social media channels to accept bookings from multiple channels.

Enable your customers to book meetings online

Let your prospects and customers check your availability and schedule a meeting in a few clicks. Rescheduling or cancelling are just as easy. Say “goodbye” to back and forth emails.



Personalize your appointment page

Greet your customers with personalized content on the page, the confirmation and reminder emails. Customize the look and feel of your meeting page with CSS file uploads.

Reduce no-shows with email reminders

Vtiger send email notification when a meeting is booked and pre-meeting reminders to all attendees so that you never dial into, or walk into an empty meeting.

Carve time for other work with meeting buffers

Set how long you need before and after each meeting, and Vtiger will automatically block those times on your calendar when a meeting is booked.

Auto-assign meeting appointments

Appointment pages created at a team level enables customers to book a meeting with any member of the team from a single place. Vtiger auto-assigns the appointment based on availability, workload, or predefined conditions.

Get more context with questionnaires

Request your customers fill out a questionnaire while they book an appointment. Vtiger automatically stores this information against the contact record in the CRM. If the contact doesn’t exist, it creates a new contact record.

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Exceptional Customer Support

Award winning customer service centered around enabling you to succeed.

Flexible & Customizable

Customizable at the click of a button to adapt to your people and process.

Super-Easy to use

Designed to help your teams spend more time with customers and less on entering data.

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