Breezway + Vtiger


Breezway designs and manufactures louvre windows for commercial and residential buildings. Operating with a decentralized sales model, its headquarters in Brisbane Australia are far from its sales offices in Australia, Malaysia, and Hawaii. With a sales cycle maintained by salespeople in the field across various regions, and lacking centralized information systems, work was often delayed as sales teams needed to continuously reconcile each deal’s progress with headquarters before beginning. This was often done manually, and resulted in information inconsistency, and an inability to rapidly create quotes and process orders.


  • Universal access
  • Ease of maintaining contacts and interactions
  • Ticket management
  • Sales pipeline management

The Solution: Vtiger CRM On Demand

With Vtiger CRM On Demand, Breezway’s sales team now stores and maintains all customer information and interactions in Vtiger, enabling easy access to customer-related documents like quotes and orders. Breezway also handles customer service requests through Vtiger’s ticket management system, improving internal coordination and speeding up problem resolution. With Vtiger, Breezway has leaped ahead in YoY sales.


  • 25% increase in sales productivity
  • YoY sales growth
  • Faster resolution of customer problems
  • Consolidated and automated business processes
  • Greater visibility into, and management of deals and problems across the business
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