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Vtiger CRM helps businesses streamline their operations and enhance performance by providing quality tools and functionality across Sales, Help desk, and Marketing teams.

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Sales CRM Tools


Contact management

Get a complete view of all your customers, including details such as name, phone number, prior communications, and account history.


Opportunity management

Keep track of where your deals stand with opportunity management. Check out the current status, cases, previous conversations and scheduled meetings.


Schedule appointments

Take control of scheduling your appointments. You can schedule a meeting with just a couple of clicks and share it with prospects or clients.


Forecasts & Quotas

Plan your sales cycle, manage targets, and monitor team performance by setting up forecasts and quotas. Intuitive and accurate, it's a great way to stay on the top of your sales game.


Manage Quotes

Create quotes - put in all essential information such as product details, prices, taxes, terms, and discounts. Use pre-built templates and customize them for client requirements.

journey view

Journey view

Get a unified view of the entire customer journey map. Check out the sales stages, tasks, interactions, queries, and transactions to simplify workflows.


Email sequences

Optimize your outbound sales campaigns by sending pre-defined sequences of emails to clients. Use personalized templates and trigger emails to save time and boost productivity.

deal view

Unified Deal view

Get all the information related to contacts and deals in a single unified window at a glance. No need to open multiple pages or windows - save time and stay organized.

deal role

Deal contact role

Sales team members can understand the role of contact in closing a deal and personalizing pitches for better conversions.


Document engagement

Sales representatives can check out the statistics for client engagement with essential documents such as quotes, emails, or marketing collaterals.

quote approval

Quote discount approvals

Manage customized quotes with discount approvals for particular client categories and automate workflows.


AI/NLP driven insights

Machine learning and AI-empowered applications enable sales managers to make accurate consumer behavior predictions. Natural language processing and speech recognition automate repetitive activities to drive efficiency.


Group Mailboxes

It’s convenient to set up shared mailboxes for emails between sales team members to boost transparency in operations. Admins can set up group mailboxes and assign members from specific teams.

smart alert

Smart alerts

Since timing is vital for sales, managers can enable alerts in the notifications center. It helps to keep track of emails, follow-ups, and scheduled appointments.



Extract relevant data and generate reports to get an overview on all customer-related activities. Analyze information at a granular level by applying filters and tracking essential performance metrics.


Sales dashboards

Analyze the performance of each sales member by getting a real-time view of ongoing activities. Customized sales dashboards display critical sales and support metrics, reports and charts for better decision-making across all levels

vtiger enrich

Vtiger Enrich

Save time on finding and updating profiles on CRM with Vtiger’s Enrich Google extension. It works by exporting contact information from social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


eSign integration

Keep records up-to-date by sending a PDF document to clients for electronic signatures. Users can track all transactions with contacts, vendors, and organizations and update the status by attaching the eSign record.

Vtiger features will equip your teams with more capabilities for the best productivity.

Vtiger enables your customer-facing teams to work together in one application. This enables the team to collaborate and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Help Desk Features


Omnichannel resolution

Engage with our support representatives instantly through email, phone calls, chat, Watsapp, Facebook, or Twitter for speedy resolution.


Automated chatbot

Connect at your convenience. Our in-built chatbot will provide automated service around the clock.

service portal

Smart self-service portal

Users can easily view or submit issues, check out frequently asked questions, and view pending status updates on the navigable self-service portal.

knowledge base

Exhaustive Knowledge Base

Gain access to a comprehensive knowledge base that helps provide quick solutions to common customer problems.


Workflow automation

Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks - schedule appointments, provide ticket updates, and assign tasks by automating internal workflows.

ticket management

Case management

Managers can prioritize cases automatically and guarantee customer support in compliance with service-level agreements.

auto routing

Automatic routing

Assign specific rules to ensure automatic routing for speedy and hassle-free ticket resolution.


Actionable insights

Powerful analytics give access to real-time helpdesk and chat insights that lead to better decision making and improve performance.


Internal collaboration

Team members can communicate and collaborate internally to provide better quality service to customers.

Marketing Automation

email campaign

Email marketing

Personalized email templates can help you target the right audience. Engage with customers by sending triggered sequential emails and get email insights through detailed analytics.


Personalized Webforms

Add new visitors as leads when they fill up your customized web form. Embed webforms on your website for better lead scoring and nurturing.

targeted campaigns

Targeted campaigns

Segment your contacts and target the desired audience through personalized marketing campaigns. Businesses can improve retention rates and return on investment through targeted campaigns.

Analytics and Intelligence

performance insights

Performance insights

Check out the insights dashboard to get to know team and pipeline statistics. Motivate top-performing agents and visualize the health of the sales pipeline through accurate charts and tables.

real time reporting

Real-time reporting

Build comprehensive reports from real-time data to gain knowledge about products, sales targets, team performance, and opportunities. Export reports or charts quickly, and schedule automated periodic reports to save time.

Check out the complete list of features we offer and their comparison across different editions.

Communication and Collaboration


Calendar and Tasks

Manage your calendar efficiently, schedule appointments and tasks in just a few clicks. Users can create record-linked tasks and receive pop-up notifications as reminders for important events.


Document management

Centralize all vital sales and marketing documents to ensure that team members can access them. Check out your contact's document engagement to guide the next sales conversation and deliver better service.


Team Inbox

Enhance teamwork through a shared inbox that can be accessed by all sales representatives. Emails in the team inbox are visible across the team and help members collaboratively.



Project management

Create and manage projects by assigning tasks, allotting time-based milestones, and due dates. Monitor progress through Gantt charts and share the live customer portal's status to communicate about the progress to clients.


Inventory control

Manage vendors, track stock levels, build quotes, and send invoices to ensure efficient inventory control. Build price books based on customer segments and track online payments for streamlined operations.

mobile app

Mobile app

Access CRM data on the move with mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android device users. Team members can access contact records in offline mode and view nearby prospects' locations to efficiently plan the workday.



Transfer data faster and boost team collaboration as Vtiger integrates with over 500 vital business applications. Integrations with Gmail, Zapier, Office365, and Mailchimp save time and improve work productivity.

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