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Vtiger Dashboard tracks productivity and sales progression. It monitors your team's performance with ease and empowers you with flexibility and different views for sales reps and sales managers.

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What is a dashboard?

A dashboard provides the summary of key metrics and other relevant data on a single screen.

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Seeing is believing

Stay on top of your sales pipelines and business metrics with a real-time view of activities and performance parameters.

Analyze team performance

Analyze team performance with ease

Monitor your team performance and identify the top performers effortlessly. Evaluate every team member's performance and take corrective measures if needed.

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Focus on your priorities

Vtiger CRM dashboard allows you to focus on the information that is important to you. Customize the dashboard to your liking with an assortment of widgets.

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Offer personalized experience

Leverage contact records and communication history to provide personalized service. Build meaningful relationships with your customers.

My Sales Dashboard

View data related to your deals and activities. Here are the twelve default widgets in this dashboard:

Deal win rate: See the percentage of open deals that you won, along with the sales rep's name with the highest percentage.

Follow-ups per Lead: See the average number of follow-ups done by you on contacts in the Sales Qualified stage, along with the sales rep's name with the highest number of follow-ups.

Lead First follow-up time: See the average number of hours you took to send the first response to a contact in the Sales Qualified stage, along with the sales rep with the best first response time.

Average sales cycle: See the average time taken to close all the deals in the selected period.

Leads funnel: See the number of contacts assigned to you with contact type in the leads funnel.

Deals created: See the number of deals created in the selected period.

Weighted revenue of deals: See the sum of weighted revenues of all your deals open in the selected period.

Product sales: See the top deals along with products sold during the period chosen.

Sales funnel: See the number of deals in each sales stage of the selected pipeline in the selected period.

Closed sales: See the number of deals closed in the selected period.

Average sale value: See the average deal amount for deals closed in the selected period.

Activity daily count for this month: See the count of activities performed by the sales team on a daily basis in the selected period.

Sales Leaderboard

See key metrics related to your team. Here are the default widgets in it:

Sales leaderboard: See the top 10 performers sorted by the number of deals they closed during the selected period.

Top product sales: See the top 10 products sold during the period chosen.

Top Lost Deals: See the top 10 deals lost during the selected period.

Top deals of the month: See the top 10 deals closed in the selected period, sorted by deal amount.

Top reps by activities completed: See the top 10 sales rep names, sorted by the number of events and tasks they completed in the selected period.

Win-Loss Ratio: See the percentage of deals won and deals lost over the selected period.

Top reps by win percentage: See the name of the sales rep with the highest win percentage.

Lead conversion by Source: See the conversion percentage of leads created during the specified period for each lead source.

Lead conversion by Owner: See the conversion percentage of leads assigned during the specified period to different owners.

Widgets that make your life easy



Write down key points on specific contacts. You can even add links to access records quickly.



Create mini-lists using records from any module in Vtiger CRM.



Provides you with a summary of all the changes made to internal records on Vtiger.

Upcoming activities

Upcoming activities

Helps you stay organized by informing you about your scheduled events and tasks.



Stay on top of all the activities in your funnels and track the progression of opportunities. Utilize filters to get specific information.



Manage your pipeline smartly with detailed lists of deal records. Graphical representations of deals help you take the right action.



Use graphical representations of leads to understand them better. Segment leads to enable sales members to provide personalized service.

Overdue Activities

Overdue Activities

Keep tabs on overdue activities and tasks by sales team members. Eliminate unnecessary delays with timely intervention.



Monitor open and ongoing cases assigned to support agents. Track the case progress and offer help where needed.

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Sales Productivity

Breezway consolidates and automates its business processes with Vtiger, resulting in YoY sales growth.


Pactia uses Vtiger Workflows to automate its sales process to save time and focus on the more important tasks.

Customer Base Growth

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

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