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Empower your team with the right collaborative tools for dependable access to information and features. Staying organized and accelerating sales was never this easy.

Get help from other team members by @mentioning them in a note on a contact or opportunity. Or, if it's their turn to take over, reassign any task, contact, or opportunity to them for a seamless handoff.

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What are collaborative tools?

Collaborative tools are features that aid people in working together on organizational goals in a meaningful way. Their objective is to foster interaction between various teams.

Call out to your teammates

Call out to your teammates easily with @Mentions

Leverage @mentions to address teammates via the CRM. @mentions can be used to get advice, to inform, or collaborate on something. Enable or disable alerts for mentions as needed.

Reports for comments

Reports for comments

Export comments to your local system via Reports. These reports can be downloaded as a .csv or.xlsx file.

Highlights that stick longer

Use Sticky Notes to highlight comments in the Summary View. They are shown on the top in the Activity section.

See real-time notifications

See real-time notifications whenever you're mentioned

Get an alert on the Actions page when you receive a @mention from anywhere in the CRM. Click through the alert to open the record you were @mentioned in, or reply to the message right from the Actions page.

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Sales Productivity

Breezway consolidates and automates its business processes with Vtiger, resulting in YoY sales growth.


Pactia uses Vtiger Workflows to automate its sales process to save time and focus on the more important tasks.

Customer Base Growth

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

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