Acquire a higher conversion rate with Sales Pipeline Management

Analyze and pinpoint sales bottlenecks and accurately forecast future revenue with sales. Also, receive alerts on potential sales dips and growth.

What is a Sales Pipeline?

A Sales Pipeline represents the steps of a prospect's journey - from a prospect to a customer. Each step in the pipeline is called a pipeline stage. After each pipeline stage is completed, the prospect is moved on to the next stage.

How can Vtiger improve your sales pipeline?

Companies have different sales cycles, necessitating numerous sales pipelines. Vtiger CRM allows you to construct several sales pipelines based on product lines, deal size, or customer type. 

Drag & drop deals from one sales stage to another in the Kanban view. Sales and support teams can use Calculus AI  to interact more with customers. Calculus AI uses CRM data to present you with the finest advice and answers automatically. Assists your customer service personnel in providing satisfying experiences that gain consumer loyalty.

Focus on the proper deals and forecast accurately

With Deal management, you can keep track of where your deals are. Analyze the existing scenario, active cases, recent conversations, and planned meetings and forecast which deals are likely to close.

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Forecast sales targets from pipeline to closure

Plan sales cycles set targets, measure team performances, create forecasts and quotas. Vtiger’s Sales Pipeline is easy to use and precise, making it an excellent tool for analyzing sales.

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