VTAP - A low-code platform within your CRM!

Say hello to the Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP)!

VTAP empowers developers and administrators to extend the CRM functionality to quickly deliver custom flows and unique requirements of businesses.

What is the Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP)?

VTAP is Vtiger's proprietary low code platform designed to help businesses extend CRM functionality on the cloud.

Developers can use the low code platform to build extensions for specific customer needs or publish to the marketplace. The modifications can be done in-house or outsourced to external Vtiger developers.

Add-on Publisher

Add-on Publisher is a tool that helps you package and publish your VTAP work to the Vtiger Marketplace.

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VTAP Use cases

VTAP Use cases

Implement custom automations

Sales Operations leaders can conveniently implement custom flows.

Create required business flows and actions

IT teams can create required flows and actions as needed by the business team.

Sell extensions on the marketplace

Freelancers and Partner Developers can develop and sell extensions.




View the complete documentation.

Blog posts

Blog posts

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Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP) or VTAP provides tools and runtime capabilities for developers to extend CRM functionality to strengthen business integration or custom needs.

VTAP includes the following tools:

  1. Module Designer to provide new capabilities to the user in the UI.
  2. API Designer to integrate with external applications.

A Module Designer allows you to create or extend the functionality of a module within the CRM.

For example, you can add a widget in the contact page to show a map of contact’s location, or add a widget to show current weather in the location.

Click here to see the Module Designer documentation.

VTAP API Designer provides a workbench for developers to develop HTTP-based APIs that can easily be exposed to the VTAP runtime or the external application for integration.

For example, to export CRM data to Google sheet, you can write a new API to connect to Google and export the data. For additional examples, please click here.

Click here for the VTAP API documentation.

You can view the complete API documentation here.

It is available in all Professional and Enterprise editions of Vtiger 9 (V9).

It is free for the Professional and Enterprise editions. Customers using other editions must move to these editions to use VTAP.

All the custom code added using the V7 Customizer module has to be ported to the VTAP platform when you migrate to V9.

For any queries or suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]. Most queries get responded to within 1 business day.

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