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May 2024

Automating internal KPI updates with Server Scripts and Jobs

A case study on Using Server Scripts and Jobs & Google Workspace to manage KPIs.

April 2024

Unlock AI Potential: Create custom Prompts with CRM Data

Train and craft prompts in one place with Calculus AI's Bot Setup.

March 2024

Unleash limitless customization with server side scripting

Server-side scripting is a powerful capability that enables you to execute diverse tasks.

January 2024

Publish your App along with the Add-on

Apps now integrate seamlessly with the Add-on Publisher, overcoming previous limitations.

December 2023

Domain whitelisting and Securing third-party code

As we conclude 2023, we are excited to share significant enhancements to the Add-on Publisher.

October 2023

Create custom apps and custom UIs within no time

Use Vtiger's Module Designer and VTAP for faster app development with custom UI components.

August 2023

Create tailored business solutions & amplify CRM capabilities

VTAP equips developers with tools and runtime capabilities to extend CRM functionalities.

July 2023

Building an internal blogging tool using VTAP App Creator

Explore how to build a minimal blogging application using VTAP App Creator.

June 2023

Build Vtiger platform extension for VSCode editor

Helps you develop and deploy apps from within the VSCode editor.

May 2023

Build custom apps using Vtiger's App Creator

The VTAP platform provides you with the App Creator toolkit - to build creative applications.

April 2023

Vtiger Design Systems (VDS) Components

VDS provides components that are reusable UI blocks to build and customize your applications.

March 2023

Build a custom reporting dashboard with Insights Designer

Vtiger Insights Designer is intended to help you design reports that match your business needs.

February 2023

Trigger processes when Surveys are submitted

Survey Submitted is a new option in the Process Designer that allows you to perform specific actions when a Contact or a Lead submits a survey.

January 2023

Publish add-ons on Marketplace with Add-on publisher

Vtiger's Add-on Publisher is a new tool that helps you package and publish your VTAP work to the Vtiger Marketplace.