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contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard

Grow your sales effectively

  • Learn more about the people you do business with, with a 360-degree history of your contacts
  • Never lose sight of another deal with an actionable, real-time map of your sales pipeline
  • Reach out to contacts over tracked and recorded emails or calls in just a click
  • Schedule appointments painlessly with built-in automated scheduling tools
  • Make better decisions with pre-built and custom analytics and insights
contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard

Automate support for better customer service

  • Focus your time on solving customer problems. Vtiger automatically creates cases from phone calls, email, chat, and the customer portal
  • Let no case go unanswered, with filtered views that show you the status of every case in your support pipeline
  • Provide reliable customer support, with SLAs and automatic escalations
  • Continuously improve your team's performance with pre-built insights and analytics
contact management dashboard contact management dashboard contact management dashboard

Integrated CRM for small business

  • Make better decisions with a holistic customer view that integrates information from marketing, sales, support, purchasing and more
  • Collaboratively manage the delivery of customer projects with contact and opportunity integrated project management
  • Manage the end-to-end sales process, with quotes, invoices, inventory and web-based payments against invoices

Integrate with the software you use.

A wide range of integrations lets Vtiger CRM import data and automate actions in the other apps you use.

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Mobile apps for managing your customers while on-the-go.

See real-time information about your customers, deals, and campaigns from wherever you are.

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What is CRM?

  • CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It touches every aspect of customer journey - starting from the point when a customer comes in touch with your brand for the first time to the point when that customer becomes your loyal advocate.
  • It leverages best practices and software components across marketing, sales and customer support.

Why do businesses need Vtiger?

At a high level, a CRM can help marketing teams nurture leads, so sales teams can focus on sales ready leads. It can help sales teams win more deals, win important deals and accelerate sales cycles. Finally, it can help support teams drive retention and build loyalty by providing timely support.

How does a CRM help customer facing teams?

  • Provide easy access to pertinent customer information
  • Implement efficient processes with automation of repetitive tasks
  • Sales reps and support agents know what they need to work on
  • Marketing teams can measure campaign performance and quality of sales qualified leads
  • Sales and support managers can visualize what is happening, identify bottlenecks and take corrective actions based on reliable data

Vtiger addresses these challenges with an integrated offering, implementation of best practices and extensive customizability.
Senior management buy-in is also a critical success factor for a CRM.

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