Vtiger Aide - Your Best Virtual Assistant!

Vtiger Aide for a seamless experience of managing events and tasks

A chrome extension to continue using Vtiger CRM UI from any tab or webpage. Aide ensures that you attend meetings, create action items, and complete tasks on time flawlessly.

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Handling events made easy

Don’t miss out on events…complete tasks within set deadlines.

Click on the Aide icon to display events and tasks details in a single window.

Be informed, look up information with Search. The related records to the keyword show up automatically as you type.


Jumping into meetings made simple

Display the details of your current events, including meeting links, participant data, agenda, etc. Meeting links can be from the following apps - Google Meet, Zoom Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. Add and record meeting notes. Plan and prepare for meetings ahead of time.

help button

Helper Button to take necessary actions

Join a meeting. Record event details effortlessly.

Add and share minutes of the meeting - tag people to tasks.

Change the status to Help, Reschedule, or close or follow up or reschedule meetings.

Generate insights! Track the list of joinees and the number of joins vs. invites sent. Send alerts to the invitees that did not join the meeting.


Managing tasks made flawless

Manage multiple tasks smoothly—view details about the current date’s tasks. Alter task status, assignees, and due dates.

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