Supercharge Automation with Vtiger Server Scripts and Jobs

Easily create custom server-side scripts and tasks. Build custom automation in your CRM triggered by record updates or defined actions. Perform personalized tasks like approvals and background processes.

What are Server Scripts and Jobs?

Server Scripts are a powerful feature of CRM systems that allow you to automate tasks and execute them immediately within your workflows. They are ideal for lighter operations like field updates or record creation, and won't block the save operation, ensuring that your CRM system remains fast and responsive.

Server Jobs are background tasks that run independently of CRM operations. They are ideal for heavy processing, integrations, and scheduled intervals without blocking CRM functionality or disrupting user experience.

Vtiger Server Scripts

Custom Server Scripts in Vtiger enable dynamic actions triggered by events like record saves or approvals. They update field data, create records, or send emails based on user-defined logic within workflows, processes, or approvals. They reduce the time taken for record updates if the script execution time is lengthy.

Key features of Vtiger Server Scripts

  • Execute server-side code on record save, approval, or rejection.
  • Configurable within workflows, processes, or approvals.
  • Receive record data and user information.
  • Enable operations like updating field values and creating records based on complex logic.
  • Save time with immediate execution, even if the script is lengthy.

Use case for a Marketing firm

Challenge: A marketing firm acquires its leads from various sources with limited details like name and email, making it a challenge to create targeted campaigns.

Solution: Vtiger Server Scripts can be used to automate lead enrichment. You can create and populate lead records with missing information by fetching data from other applications. This will help you fill in details such as company names, countries, social media usernames, phone numbers, and more. 

Vtiger Server Scripts allows for smarter marketing strategies and more personalized campaigns.

Use case for a Financial services company

Challenge: A financial services company wants to offer its customers the best loan and credit card options. However, its CRM doesn't automatically include credit scores, making it difficult to personalize offers.

Solution: Vtiger Server Scripts can be used to automatically fetch credit scores for a new customer when a contact record is created. This ensures all the information needed to recommend the most suitable financial solutions for each customer is available in the CRM.

Vtiger Server Jobs

Vtiger Server Jobs independently executes periodic background tasks, such as data retrieval or transmission, without disrupting CRM operations. They operate under the user's context, processing heavy tasks efficiently. Tasks are queued and executed, and results are well integrated into the CRM.

Key features of Vtiger Server Jobs

  • Executes background tasks periodically, based on configured frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Suitable for heavy and periodic operations like fetching data from external services or data transmission.
  • Operates independently in the background without blocking CRM operations.
  • Managed by a service that queues and executes tasks based on the load.
  • Enhances workflow efficiency by returning results to the CRM after execution.

Use case for a SaaS company

Challenge: A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company acquires new users through its website signup form. However, this user data resides on a separate application, requiring manual transfer to the CRM. This process is time-consuming, prone to errors, and delays the onboarding process for new users.

Solution: Vtiger Server Jobs can create an automated task that fetches new user data daily from the other application and adds them as new contacts. This helps the SaaS company set up new users faster, improving their overall customer experience. 

Use case for an Online Store

Challenge: An online retailer specializing in gadgets and electronics faces a common problem: discrepancies between their CRM (used for sales and billing) and warehouse management software. These mismatches, often caused by human error, are time-consuming to fix. Verifying all older data takes a lot of effort and delays resolution.

Solution: Vtiger Server Jobs can create an automated weekly report comparing stock availability in both systems. This report, generated regularly (e.g., every few days), simplifies discrepancy identification. Companies can focus verification efforts on the most recent data, significantly reducing troubleshooting time.

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