Pactia + Vtiger CRM


Real estate


Bogotá, Colombia


  • Improved turnaround time
  • Improved sales process

“The contracting part of our sales process used to be very lengthy, usually taking 2-3 months. Now, through the use of Vtiger Print Templates and automation we have reduced this process to 30 days or less.” - Sergio Zapata, Customer Service Manager for Pactia

About the Company

Pactia is a Colombian real estate private equity fund with $1 billion in assets under management. They operate in Colombia, the U.S., and Panama, seeking to generate attractive returns for their investors across cycles and over the long term.

Pactia primarily focuses on B2B sales for their commercial, work, and accommodation spaces, and B2C sales for their storage spaces as well as:

  • Building long and strong relationships with partners to generate opportunities
  • Comprehensive bottom-up asset-based financial and operational approach
  • A rigorous approval process
  • A focused asset management strategy
  • The ongoing evaluation of asset performance and exit strategies during investments’ life cycles.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Sergio Zapata, Customer Service Manager for Pactia. Sergio started with Pactia about four years ago and was the Project Manager in charge of the PMO. During 2016-2017, Pactia started a new project that aimed to implement a CRM solution that would shift their strategy to be more customer-centric, instead of primarily focusing on the product they were selling. This process led Pactia to create the role of Customer Service Manager, which Sergio now fills, under the direction of Catalina Londoño, who is also responsible for the CRM strategy for the entire company, across all divisions.


Before the CRM project began, Pactia’s data was scattered, they primarily used Excel spreadsheets to store their data, WhatsApp for collaboration, and old fashioned pen and paper to document any interactions they had with their customers. This presented numerous challenges, especially the fact that before Vtiger was implemented, Pactia had separate sales teams working their five different product lines, each working completely independently from one another. This prevented their teams from gaining any insight into the previous history or interactions their prospects had with the different teams throughout Pactia.

Ultimately, this led to collisions among their sales teams, where the different divisions would be approaching their prospects simultaneously with no insight into what the other teams were doing. It also left them disconnected from valuable information about their customers that would help them to see the history of any previous sales, touchpoints, and opportunities that had been worked. Sergio went on to say that before they started using Vtiger it was like all of his teams were on their own secluded islands. All of the information obtained about their customers was essentially invisible to Sergio and also the sales, marketing, and support teams responsible for driving Pactia’s success.

Sergio explained that Pactia needed to make a change and the search for a CRM solution began. One of their main goals was to consolidate their sales teams that were focused on selling individual product lines and enable them to cross-sell their products by really getting to know their customers. This led to Pactia exploring several solutions including Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar, Hubspot, and even an in-house CRM before discovering Vtiger. They concluded that due to the lack of consultants, help with implementation, and ultimate cost, none of those were going to work for them.

The Solution: Vtiger CRM

After searching for some time for a solution with the strategic guidance of People Link, Sergio connected with Hector Baca and Natalia Castano from Conexo Soluciones, a consulting company that specializes in implementing Vtiger’s cloud CRM. Because of the success Conexo has had with implementing Vtiger for other organizations, and after meeting with some of Conexo’s customers, Sergio was confident he had found the right CRM in Vtiger.

Vtiger could bridge the gap between his teams with one solution, provide them with a complete view of their customers during every stage of their journey, and give Pactia the analytical insights and data to inform and guide their future decision making. To solidify Pactia’s decision, Sergio details that Vtiger is also a great value that provides them with the flexibility of customization and vast integration solutions with other systems.

Pactia is now benefiting greatly from effectively using Vtiger CRM. Sergio goes on to explain, “The contracting part of our sales process used to be very lengthy, usually taking 2-3 months. Now, through the use of Print Templates and automation we have reduced this process to 30 days or less." Sergio elaborates further on other ways the CRM has helped his teams save time using Workflows saying, “We are using Workflows to handle a lot of our post sales activities. For example, we have set up Workflows to follow up with our customers X amount of days after the deal has closed, automatically triggering emails containing important information stored within the CRM.” This enables his reps to save valuable time, allowing them to focus on the more important tasks at hand.