Seamless automation of your business processes; No-coding required

Leverage Process Designer to automate team, cross-department, and management levels action. Streamline a  business process with a simple drag and drop feature.

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What is Vtiger’s Process Designer?

Vtiger’s Process Designer is a Business Process Automation (BPA) tool within the CRM. Use the Process Designer to design, automate, implement, manage, monitor, and optimize your business processes.

Augment your workflows with BPA

Automate every step of a business process across departments and apps. Use the Process Designer to gather information, identify repetitive tasks and pre-determined actions and create an optimized business process.

Create value through on time interactions

Micro-segment customers based on users’ interests and preferences. Leverage One View to get a unified view of each customer. Design better interactions with each segment for enhanced customer experiences using the Process Designer.

Enhance sales processes with no errors

Leverage a BPA  to boost the ability to forecast revenues. Identify and eliminate non-value processes. Use the Process Designer to cut errors, save time, and reduce waste. Optimize and adapt strategies to meet market requirements.

Eliminate cross-department silos

Get rid of data silos and give access to unified data across departments. Automate standard processes across all departments. Unleash the power of data and BPA to improve productivity.

Submit records for approval from a process

The Submit For Approval component helps you submit your process records for approval. Submitted process records can either be approved or rejected. This allows you set up different processes for approval statuses; Approved and Rejected.

Case studies

Why our customers love us

Sales Productivity

Breezway consolidates and automates its business processes with Vtiger, resulting in YoY sales growth.


Pactia uses Vtiger Workflows to automate its sales process to save time and focus on the more important tasks.

Customer Base Growth

GB Advisors customizes its CRM experience using Vtiger to scale up its customer base exponentially.

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