Vtiger’s Add-on Publisher

Add-on Publisher, a tool from our Developer edition VTAP, allows you to package and distribute free and paid add-ons via Vtiger Marketplace.

What is Vtiger Add-on Publisher?

Vtiger's Add-on publisher is the tool to package and distribute your VTAP applications to the Vtiger Marketplace.

Developers can use the tool to publish free or paid add-ons to the marketplace. You can publish custom modules & fields, process flows & workflows, vertical packs, connectors to phone, SMS, WhatsApp gateways, etc.

Publish add-ons seamlessly!


You can add fields, modules, flows, reports, templates, and code.


Choose your add-ons in the publisher, and save them as drafts.


Developers can upload and test the built add-ons.


Add listing details such as price, screenshots, description, and publish.

Add-on Publisher FAQs

You need to sign up for the Vtiger Marketplace.

It is available only in the developer edition.

Yes, you need to sign up for Vtiger Marketplace to publish extensions. This account is different from the Developer edition signup. You can use this account to build and publish from any Vtiger Developer Account.

When you publish your extension from the Add-on Publisher within Vtiger, you will be prompted to sign up for a marketplace account if unavailable.

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Free forever

Completely customizable

Freedom to design extensions

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