Knowlarity + Vtiger CRM

Knowlarity is a leading provider of cloud-based telephony solutions to businesses in the emerging markets.

Knowlarity is a cloud-based telephonic platform that provides you IVR services to personalize customer experience, a virtual number to track marketing ROI of multiple campaigns, toll-free number to connect customers across the globe. It also automates your customer communication with advanced speech recognition and reporting.

Benefits of Knowlarity Integration:

  • Get a 360 view of your business with call analytics, reports, insights and more.
  • Direct incoming calls from customers to correct support/sales agents.
  • Quickly generate leads from an inquiry calls without leaving your dashboard.
  • Convert calls into an opportunity or a case while interacting with the customer.
  • Capture information from the call and save time by eliminating manual data entry.
  • Record all conversations to fine-tune your sales pitch or to make a note of a customer's requirement.
  • Initiate outbound calls to customers directly from your CRM with just-a-click.

Available in these editions:

All editions