Twilio integration with Vtiger CRM

Phone calls, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages. Connect globally from the CRM.

Twilio is a cloud-based customer engagement platform. They provide you with different channels of customer interaction through web-based APIs. Twilio also provides marketing services with text marketing, SMS surveys, campaign stats, and lead alerts.

Streamline your sales and customer support operations with Twilio integration.

Why integrate Vtiger with Twilio?

Leverage Twilio integration with CRM to manage SMSes, phone calls, emails, and WhatsApp campaigns effortlessly. Connect with your customers from the CRM. Access contact-related data from the dashboard.

Use workflows for automated messaging. Increase productivity by reducing time-consuming repetitive tasks.


  • Manage Call Campaigns: Schedule customer calls and messages for targeted marketing campaigns. Use bulk dialing functionality to target your campaign towards a larger audience, save time, and structure customer communication. Improve brand awareness.
  • Secure Call Recordings: Record and track conversations securely from your Vtiger dashboard. Use these records to improve staff training, ensure compliance, and aid in resolving disputes.
  • Handle Large Call Volumes: Set up the interactive voice response (IVR) functionality to handle heavy call traffic and enhance customer support team efficiency.
  • Seamless Call Transfers: Transfer calls and messages at a later time, right from your CRM dashboard - all it takes is a couple of clicks!
  • Reporting and Analytics: Access advanced reports and analytics to make informed strategic decisions.
  • Missed Call Alerts: Never miss calls or messages by activating missed call notifications. These alerts ensure that you respond quickly to customers and deliver a better service.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Leverage the power of Vtiger workflows in building communications over WhatsApp. Enable sales and support teams to answer customer queries with rich and contextual messages.

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