Twilio integration with Vtiger CRM

Streamline your sales, marketing, and customer support operations with Phone calls and WhatsApp via Twilio integration.

Twilio is a cloud-based customer engagement platform; which provides different channels of customer interaction through web-based APIs. It also provides marketing services with text marketing, SMS surveys, campaign stats, and lead alerts.

Let’s see how Twilio works in Vtiger’s modules:

Phone calls

  • Make calls directly from your desktop or laptop.
  • Link Phone Calls to Business Hours.
  • Set up a voicemail.
  • Get a transcript of the phone calls.
  • Set up the interactive voice response(IVR) functionality to handle heavy call traffic.
  • Transfer calls and messages right from your CRM dashboard.
  • Record and track conversations securely in your Vtiger dashboard.
  • Never miss calls or messages by activating missed call notifications.
  • Schedule messages for targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Send and receive WhatsApp messages to and from your contacts directly from the CRM.
  • Customize your messages and relate them to different modules in the CRM.
  • Attach documents, such as invoices, quotes, etc., to your WhatsApp messages.
  • Send notifications and alerts such as changes in quotations, due dates, and offers.
  • Send standard messages on birthdays and seasonal greetings.
  • Create new or use existing standard templates for your messages.

To learn more about the WhatsApp feature in Vtiger CRM, click here.


  • Phone Calls help save time, structure customer communication, and improve brand awareness.
  • Improved staff training with call recordings, ensured compliance, and aided in resolving disputes.
  • Enhanced customer support team efficiency with interactive voice response (IVR) functionality.
  • Easy to transfer calls quickly in a couple of clicks.
  • Report and Analytics help in making informed strategic decisions.
  • Notifications on missed calls help you follow up with the contacts and, in turn, help you maintain better customer service.
  • Enable sales and support teams to answer customer queries and build rich and contextual messages.

Available in these editions:

one professional one enterprise

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