Vtiger WhatsApp Integration

Engage better with your customers by connecting with them on the WhatsApp platform.

WhatsApp is one of the world's most popular OTT apps. When you integrate with WhatsApp Business, you can reach customers worldwide on a platform they already use. It also becomes easy to build new and engaging experiences that reach more people and result in more effective customer engagements.

Why should you integrate Vtiger with WhatsApp? 

When you connect Vtiger CRM with WhatsApp, you can use business messaging for 'conversational commerce'. Leverage the power of Vtiger workflows in building communications over WhatsApp and enable sales and support teams to answer product or customer service questions with rich, contextual messages instead of just transactional exchanges.

With WhatsApp integration, you can send a whole range of communications - quotes, order confirmations, verification codes to invoices, and support messages. Furthermore, you can automate messages in workflows to quickly scale up while retaining your personal touch with customers.

With a well thought integration between your Vtiger CRM and WhatsApp you can:

  1. Create superior customer experience: WhatsApp provides your organization with a closed, personal environment to connect with your customers. The Business Profile you create ensures that each interaction makes your brand presence felt. Also, since WhatsApp supports various formats - images, videos, hyperlinks - Marketing, Sales, and Support teams have the power to create creative and engaging conversations.
  2. Connect with people where they already are - Social media is increasingly replacing traditional communication channels like phone and SMS. When you integrate your CRM with a channel that people already use, you engage with them in a space where they are already spending their time. With WhatsApp’s global reach (even in places where traditional telephony channels are weak), your reach increases exponentially.
  3. Enable two-sided conversations: A major personalization study found that 92% of consumers felt it is important that every interaction they have with a brand is excellent*. These interactions can happen ‘whenever or wherever’ in the decision-making process of purchasing from a brand or retailer. With traditional messaging applications, conversations are one-sided and disconnected. A CRM integration with WhatsApp empowers your teams to have instant, contextual and meaningful conversations at all stages of their purchasing journey. 
  4. Message privately and securely: Companies find it challenging to comply with privacy laws and regulations in different countries across the globe. With its end-to-end encryption and 2FA, WhatsApp becomes an excellent platform that alleviates privacy and security concerns in messaging. 

Features of Vtiger WhatsApp Integration:

  • Send and receive WhatsApp messages to and from your contacts directly from the CRM.
  • Send WhatsApp messages in the form of notifications, alerts, and standard messages.
  • Customize your messages and relate them to different modules in the CRM.
  • Attach relevant documents like invoices and quotes along with your messages.
  • Type and send individual text messages.
  • Use standard message templates to communicate with your customers.
  • Reply to those messages sent by your customers.
  • Check sent and received messages.
  • Check the status of messages.
  • Open individual messages to view details.
  • Create workflows in the CRM for WhatsApp messages.
  • Create WhatsApp messages to send approval notifications for processes in the CRM.

Service providers:

  • WhatsApp integration is now available for the following service providers: Twilio, Gupshup, Clickatell and Textlocal.
  • We used our low-code platform, VTAP to build WhatsApp integrations with Gupshup, Clickatell and Textlocal.

* Accenture Interactive - 2019 Consumer Pulse Survey


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