Gupshup + Vtiger CRM

Smart messaging and secure transmission

GupShup is the leading smart messaging platform trusted by more than 30,000 businesses in India. It is highly scalable and reliable, with intelligent message routing capabilities. GupShup also provides a single API for all messaging channels.

Leverage Gupshup to start marketing, and support conversations directly with customers.

Why integrate Vtiger with Gupshup?

Nurture your leads with personalized SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp campaigns from CRM directly. Integrate Gupshup with Vtiger CRM to automate customer feedback, order tracking, alerts, and notifications. Improve customer support with 24/7 smart interactions from CRM.


  • Run SMS-based marketing campaigns.
  • Use customize templates and themes to personalize messages.
  • Send personalized texts, marketing alerts, and offers such as vouchers and discounts.
  • Measure the ROI of SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Use workflows to create automated SMS messages.
  • Send SMS notification messages to your CRM users.
  • Send SMS messages manually to contacts, and track delivery status.

Available in these editions:

All editions