imimobile integration with Vtiger CRM

Create seamless customer interactions

imimobile is a cloud-based communication service provider that connects businesses with their customers. Integrate your WhatsApp with Vtiger CRM via imimobile and reach out to two billion monthly active users.

Why integrate Vtiger CRM with WhatsApp through imimobile?

Leverage the integration to deliver personalized messages and enrich customer experiences. Send and receive WhatsApp texts and calls directly from the CRM.

Get the edge in your business interactions.


  • Built-in Inbox to send and receive WhatsApp texts and calls directly from CRM screens.
  • WhatsApp integration is available in different CRM modules. Send messages from Contacts, Deals, Internal Tickets, Invoices, Leads, Organizations, Quotes, Cases, and Vendors modules.
  • Customizable templates and themes to send client-specific, document-specific, and personalized messages.
  • Different message formats. Send notifications, alerts, approvals, greetings, offers, and much more in the form of texts, images, and videos.
  • File attachments. Attach files and documents like bills, quotes, invoices, and receipts to your WhatsApp messages.
  • Manage WhatsApp messages. View details and track the status of your messages. Know what action the message recipient took and better your communication strategy.
  • Create workflows in the CRM to schedule messages. What better way to ensure you don't miss out on important dates.


Reduced response time: To and from messaging with your contacts directly from different CRM modules. Share information and documents and enrich interactions.

Easy to set up: Vtiger WhatsApp integration with imimobile is easy to install, configure, and use. Ensure both your WhatsApp and imimobile accounts are active.

Tailor-made messages: Personalize WhatsApp message templates and themes to elevate customer experience and conversions.

Schedule automated messages: Schedule automated WhatsApp messages using Workflows in the CRM.

Secure transmissions: Gain trust by conveying bespoke private and secure messages. Gives amplified control over communications.

Reduce insistent call volumes: Devise WhatsApp messages to send notifications of approval from the CRM.

Available in these editions:

one professional one enterprise

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