Clickatell integration with Vtiger CRM

Enhance customer interactions with personalized conversations across channels

Clickatell is a messaging app that allows businesses to interact with customers across leading social chat platforms.

Clickatell gives easy access to APIs to interact across channels like WhatsApp and Facebook from a single place. Integrate your Clickatell account with Vtiger CRM for sales, customer support, and marketing activities. Boost your conversion and customer retention rates.

Why integrate Vtiger with Clickatell?

Automate and orchestrate all your customer interactions directly from Vtiger CRM. Enable your customers to securely transact, receive 24/7 support and time-critical notifications with no hassle. Integrate Clickatell with Vtiger CRM to simplify communications.


  • Launch SMS and WhatsApp campaigns from CRM.
  • Send high conversions messages using customizable templates and themes.
  • Optimize SMS and WhatsApp campaigns using reports and analytics.
  • Access events record easily from one secured place.
  • Secure your messages with secure end-to-end encryption transmissions.
  • Send frontline messages, alerts, and notifications via WhatsApp.
  • Leverage CRM workflow to automate your sales process. Schedule and send automated messages.

To learn more about the WhatsApp feature in Vtiger CRM, click here.

Available in these editions:

one professional one enterprise