PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure flight enthusiasts are not left in mid air


SLA fullfllment


Issues a day


of resolutions through intelligent automation

It’s not everyday, we get a chance to work with a company that makes such cool toys. And It’s no surprise that most of their products get sold out quickly.

Behind all this cool stuff, there is PropelCare - a team of unsung heroes who ensure flight enthusiasts have a ball with these amazing gizmos.

..customer issues were piling up into 1000s ..

PropelCare had its own set of challenges. Cases were piling up into 1000s and a small team had their hands full. Doubling the team was not an option. In fact, they had to do with less.

When I stepped in to understand what PropelCare was up against, I was super happy to see the commitment Phillip was ready to make. Phillip who heads PropelCare was under CEO’s orders to get things fixed quickly."

Krishna Sanjeeviah

PLM Head at Vtiger

So we got to work

Our first priority was to optimize case handling process and automate tasks that did not need human involvement.

Phillip’s deep insight into the type of issues customers were facing helped us classify them effectively and automate responses with no involvement from an agent.

Only advanced troubleshooting, repair and replacement issues needed human intervention.

Automating routing and assignment + intelligent automated resolutions

Issues reported to PropelCare inbox were brought into Vtiger, routed to L1 support and assigned to an agent automatically. Issues originating from Non-English speaking countries were forwarded to the right local team.

L1 agents classify issues with 2 clicks. The system automatically finds the right response and sends it to the customer. >70% of issues are resolved this way.

To make things easy for support agents, cases are prioritized and they just work through them in that order.

They have easy access to what they need in one screen with an intuitive layout. Escalations are brought to the attention of key stakeholders.

We realized much more value from Vtiger for less than half the price we were paying Zendesk. We availed their kickstart service and were up and running in 2 weeks. We hit 90% SLA targets with a team half the size and we are handling 30% more cases every day."

Phillip Lew

Head of Customer Support