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Deliver a superior support experience to your customers by leveraging Vtiger CRM's Workflows automation feature for customer support.

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What is a Workflow?

Workflow is a feature that enables you to automate repetitive tasks. It comprises trigger conditions, entry criteria, and actions.

Monitor closed cases

Monitor closed case communications effortlessly

When a customer responds to a closed case, Vtiger automatically reopens it and informs the concerned agent, including the manager.

Never miss cases

Never miss out on important cases

Get notified about escalated cases and high-priority cases, which stay unaccepted way longer than expected.

Meticulous automation

Meticulous automation for improved productivity

Leverage workflows to update any case field granularly. This level of attention to detail ensures accuracy consistently.

Simplified task management

Simplified task management

Vtiger's Workflows automatically creates an assigned task and alerts the concerned support agent when a case demands a particular action.

Systematic business workflows

Vtiger's Process Designer is a graphical interface to create systematic business workflows. It helps in creating, saving and publishing the workflows. Automatically triggers and executes the workflow in the CRM. Offers smart administration by easily translating flowcharts to real business workflows.

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PropelCare relies on Vtiger Help Desk to ensure light enthusiasts are not left in mid air.



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Hacker Earth accelerated growth by switching from Salesforce to Vtiger.

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