Vtiger Google Meet Integration

Boost your collaboration and streamline real-time interactions

Google Meet integration with Vtiger CRM makes your interactions with clients effortless and enriches your team collaborations.

Key Features of Google Meet Integration

  • Schedule a meeting from the Events, Contacts, and Deals in Vtiger CRM.
  • Send meeting links through email, webchat, and meeting invites.
  • Set reminders to aid you in following up on the email invites sent.
  • Set notifications to remind invitees to attend the meeting.
  • Track Google Meet invites sent by email.
  • Add captions in real-time during a meeting.

Benefits of Google Meet Integration

  • Share meeting links and details effortlessly. Setting up an event as Google Meet automatically creates a meeting link in the event and sent to contacts and team members.
  • Never miss a meeting again. Events with links and details are available on both the Events page and Vtiger Aide.
  • Jump into a meeting directly from Vtiger Aide. You can now join directly from any Chrome page or tab if you installed Vtiger Aide.

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