Google Calendar + Vtiger CRM

Google Calendar is a time management solution that allows you to create and schedules events efficiently.

Vtiger Google Calendar integration enables users to sync all events between the two apps in just a few clicks.

Stay ahead of schedule and never miss an appointment or follow-up meeting with the Vtiger Google Calendar integration. Sales representatives can easily view and modify upcoming events to plan their day, even while on the move. The calendar can be shared between team members to increase visibility and keep everyone in the loop for customer appointments and meetings.

Features of Google Calendar Integration

  • Seamless two-way sync between Vtiger and Google Calendar to update customer meetings and team events
  • Calendar sharing between sales team members
  • Import new data and track any changes in events without leaving Vtiger CRM
  • Schedule automated reminders for upcoming meetings and client appointments
  • Eliminate multiple entries for the same calendar event

Available in these editions:

All editions

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