Mailchimp integration with Vtiger CRM

Integrate Vtiger with MailChimp to sync lists and send beautiful, targeted email campaigns.

Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that helps you create segments, send beautiful, targeted email campaigns, perform A/B testing, capture sales data, and track and analyze engagements.


  • Sync your Mailchimp lists and associated contacts to a marketing campaign in Vtiger CRM.
  • Define the segment criteria for contacts in Vtiger and export them into Mailchimp.
  • Automatically sync the newly captured contacts in Mailchimp to Vtiger.
  • Sync data in three directions - Vtiger to Mailchimp, Mailchimp to Vtiger, and both ways.
  • See the sync log with the number of contacts created, updated, skipped, etc., in Mailchimp and Vtiger.


  • Create and launch campaigns for different lists.
  • Send targeted email campaigns.
  • Send personalized emails.
  • Improve email marketing campaigns.

Available in these editions:

Sales Professional Sales Enterprise One Professional One Enterprise

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