CRM for Outlook Integration

Keep your emails, tasks, and calendars in a unified place to collaborate better and increase productivity.

Synchronize contact communication and sales data with Outlook Vtiger Integration.

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email organizer with in-built features such as contact management, calendar, and note manager. It is the perfect tool to integrate with CRM systems as it boosts internal team collaboration and saves time.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook provides users the flexibility to access emails offline, share the calendar with team members, and consolidate customer interaction in one centralized portal. It becomes a singular point of contact for all internal and external communication, thus helps you stay organized and get things done faster.

Benefits of Vtiger Outlook Integration:

  • Automatic Sync: Gain quick access to vital customer information and emails in just a couple of clicks! Contact information gets automatically synced and can be organized in categories easily.
  • Archive Emails: Store emails straight in Vtiger - saves time and enhances convenience. It is also possible for users to directly convert an email to a task or opportunity.
  • Complete Communication Visibility: View emails sent or received by your team members and customer support ticket status. End-to-end visibility allows team members to increase operational efficiency and provide better customer service.
  • Better Scheduling: Schedule customer communication and follow-ups in an organized manner. Receive notifications and alerts that let you stay at the top of your game at all times.
  • Manage Contact Information: Store information about contacts, projects, sales, and mail merges in one location. Track emails, access meeting minutes, and conversation records to move the sales pipeline faster and efficiently.
  • Advanced Filters and Reports: Use the advanced filter editor to analyze data and make informed decisions. Customized report templates make it easy to generate the correct data and highlight important information.

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