reasons to choose crm over spreadsheets

9 reasons to switch from spreadsheets to a CRM

Spreadsheets are a very convenient tool for quick calculations, projections and rudimentary reporting. What they are not very good at is collaboration, security or providing data in a way that can be sliced and diced the way you want to analyse.

People often turn to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets as the go to solution to build out their first contact database for leads and clients. But as you scale, things start to become more complicated. Several team members now get involved in managing a relationship at various stages of the sales funnel and all of them need to be on the same page to drive customer delight. Spreadsheets are not designed for this. 

If you are using spreadsheets to manage your sales funnel, download this mini eBook today to learn why you need to move to a comprehensive and easy to use CRM like Vtiger Cloud CRM V9.

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switch from sheets to crm

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Get an early awareness of the pitfalls of using spreadsheets and see how the Vtiger Forever Free CRM can solve your challenges without adding any cost.

Small Businesses 

Those already using spreadsheets will discover some of hidden costs that they may not be aware of. Switching to a Free or paid CRM can have payoffs in ways you might not have considered yet.