DocuSign + Vtiger CRM

DocuSign enables people to electronically sign agreements from almost anywhere, and to create digital workflows that save money, increase efficiency, and move business forward.

Why is DocuSign Useful?

Over the course of a deal, a number of documents need approval to move the deal on to its next step. These documents range from quotes, to invoices, contracts and beyond, and the process of getting approval often involves many stakeholders that aren’t in the room when the documents are ready. Shuttling documents around takes time, and the longer it takes to get the needed approvals, the more attention is lost and the higher the likelihood that someone develops cold feet.

That’s where DocuSign comes in.

DocuSign enables you to get quotes, invoices, and contracts signed in just minutes from when the documents are ready. It achieves that by letting you upload and digitize those paper contracts, and send through an approval process to a list of contacts via email. Contacts can open your email, sign and date on the document where necessary using their computer and mobile device, and DocuSign forwards the document on to the next signatory. At any time in the approvals process, you can check in to see what signatures have been obtained, and which ones are still remaining.

Benefits of DocuSign Integration:

  • Create documents in Vtiger and email them to the signer to speed up your signing process, shorten sales cycle and close deals faster
  • Share documents from Vtiger to concerned person and eliminate mailing delays and chances of losing documents in the transit.
  • Track the status of documents sent for approval. Also, get notified when the signer signs the document.
  • Document sent for Esign are automatically linked to the contact or organization in Vtiger, so they’ll be easy to find when they’re needed.
  • Esign ensures confidentiality through controlled document access.

Available in these editions:

Sales Professional Sales Enterprise Help Desk Professional One Professional One Enterprise