Extend the capabilities of your Vtiger CRM with Booster Packs

A tailor-made solution for small and medium businesses (SMBs). Add a specific feature or a few and build the CRM compatible with your business.

Booster Packs are feature add-ons that will help you increase the limits of a CRM feature. They are available inside the CRM as part of the Add-ons. They are budget-friendly and business-friendly.

Vtiger CRM + Booster Packs = A cost-effective combination for building a custom CRM.

Vtiger CRM + Booster Packs advantage

This powerful combination of an all-in-one CRM that can add on-demand features is perfect for SMBs and start-ups. It allows you to expand the scope of CRM functionality exponentially. Make your CRM adaptable, flexible, and affordable.

Pick and choose. Pay for what you use.

Booster Packs allow Vtiger CRM users to choose and add specific feature limits to the CRM as needed. And you pay only for the features you add.

What's more - you can choose to use a feature as long as you want. Booster Packs allow you to add and bill features monthly basis.

Why should feature limits slow you down?

Easy to add and easy to use.

Concerned about losing that lucrative deal? Unable to generate that crucial report on time? And all because you used up your feature limits! Put your worries aside.

Booster Pack features are available as Add-ons inside the CRM.

Choose and install the booster pack you want. Add the quantity and pay on the Billings page. And the feature limits in your CRM automatically increase on payment.

Custom CRM at a fraction of the cost

The Booster Packs provide a wide range of features at a minimal cost.

Vtiger CRM and Booster Packs are the perfect combination to build a custom CRM.

Booster Packs


1 Custom Module

This extension allows you to add extra custom modules at $15 per custom module, when the limit exceeds the edition limits.


1 Co-owner Field

Adds co-owner field to enable shared owner for the records.


API Calls

You can enhance API limits by using this booster pack. One quantity of this pack enables 5 extra api calls per minute, 500 per hour and 10,000 per day at $25 per month.


3 Daily Workflows

You can add 3 daily schedule workflows at $15 per month with this booster pack.


1 Dashboard Tab

This booster pack allows you to add one extra dashboard at $10 per month.


10 Custom Fields

Add 10 more custom fields per module with this booster pack costing at $25 per month.


1 Hourly Schedule Workflow

Add more hourly schedule workflows at $15 per month for each workflow.


1 Inbox Group Mailbox

You can add more group mailboxes in Inbox module, each mailbox will be charged at $10 per month.


5 Actions per Process Flow

This addon allows you to add 5 extra actions per flow in Process designer at $15 per month.


3 Flows per Process

This addon allows you to add 3 extra flows per Process record in Process designer at $15 per month.


3 Processes

This addon allows you to add 3 extra processes in Process designer.


3 Scheduled Reports

You can add multiples of 3 extra scheduled reports using this addon. Every 3 reports will cost $15 per month.


5 Standard Reports

You can add multiples of 5 extra standard reports on reaching the edition limits. Every 5 reports will cost $15 per month.


3 Standard Workflows

You can add multiples of 3 extra standard workflow using this addon. Every 3 workflows will cost $15 per month.


3 Multipath Workflows

Allows you to use 3 extra Multipath workflows at $15 per month.


1 Live Chat Agent

Allows you to use 1 extra Live Chat Agent at $7 per month.


1 Grid Field

Enables one Grid field per module.


250K GPT tokens

Get an additional 250K tokens in GPT-integrated Calculus AI to generate more content.


Booster for Tracker

You can install the Live Chat widget on your website or your applications.


Booster for 1 Scheduled Process

Allows you to add more scheduled processes.


1 Target

Allows you to add one extra target per quantity.


Currently, the booster packs are available for all the editions of Vtiger, i.e., Vtiger Pilot, Vtiger Growth, Vtiger One Professional, and Vtiger One Enterprise.

Booster Pack features are available as add-ons inside the CRM in Menu. You can also access them from the in CRM Settings under Extensions. Simply install, add the quantity you need, and pay. The limits are automatically increased in the CRM.

Billing will start on the day the pack is installed.

At the moment, we are offering Booster extensions only as monthly packs.

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