IndiaMART + Vtiger CRM

Synchronize lead data across platforms and amplify revenue with effective management.

Sync leads directly from IndiaMART into Vtiger CRM. Leverage CRM features to improve customer communication.

Key Features of IndiaMART Integration

  • Transfer leads from IndiaMART into the CRM easily.
  • Track synced lead details, including date and time of syncing and corresponding numbers via Sync Log.

Benefits of IndiaMART integration

  • Choose between Leads and Contacts module for syncing leads.
  • Manage a large volume of lead data efficiently.
  • Minimize manual efforts in lead management and pursual through CRM automation.
  • Generate leads from inquiries. You can then assign leads to reps, and set up workflows to notify reps to follow up.

Available in these editions:

One Professional One Enterprise

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