Vtiger's Privacy Guard

Comply effortlessly with GDPR and inspire trust from your customers with Vtiger's Privacy Guard extension. Privacy Guard enhances your contacts' data security, lets you easily manage their consents, and automatically processes their GDPR rights requests.

Privacy by design and by default

Encrypt, obfuscate, and control access to data fields you mark as sensitive.

Encrypt sensitive data

Encrypt fields holding sensitive data, such as a national ID number or credit card number. This minimizes their risk of loss to intrusion, reduces potential legal penalties, and lessens legal disclosure requirements in the event of certain losses.

Obfuscate views of sensitive data

Partially obfuscate the default view of sensitive data fields, such as only showing the last 4-digits of a credit card number. Users can still use these fields to verify contacts' identities, without exposing the full value to the risk of misuse.

Restrict access to sensitive data

Control which users have permission to un-obfuscate sensitive data fields, minimizing the risk of potential misuse.

Easily investigate access with audit trails

All attempts to un-obfuscate sensitive data are logged and searchable in the audit tool, facilitating and accelerating investigations into data misuse.

Use consent as a lawful basis for processing

Let your contacts control their privacy preferences from their preferences page - accessible in an emailed link. Customize this page to let them control their communication preferences and provide consents for data storage, usage, tracking, and other purposes.

Automatic, just-in-time consent requests

Automatically request consent the moment it's needed. This saves your employees time making the request and maximizes your contacts' likelihood of consenting.

Let contacts manage their consents

Contacts can return to their preferences page at any time to change their consents, freeing up your employees up from having to act as an intermediary.

Easily access consents

Never go looking for a contact's consents. They're all shown directly in the contact's record alongside their other data.

Easily act on, and even automate taking action on consents

Whether it's erasing a piece of sensitive data, sharing data with third parties, or locking a contact's record, workflows and pre-built automations instantly act on a contact's consents, saving your team time doing the work, and your business the risk and cost of non-compliance.

Automate the exercising of GDPR rights

You can comply with all of a contact's GDPR rights from any version of Vtiger. However, Vtiger's Privacy Guard extension enables new ways to comply that save you time and preserve useful data.

Right to object to processing

Automate the process of collecting and acting on your contacts' objection to processing. When contacts submit a request from their preferences page, Vtiger will automatically lock records and opt them out of your email campaigns, saving you the time required to take action, and the risk of not complying.

Right to be forgotten

Contacts can submit a request for erasure from their preferences page, tagging their record. Users can act on these requests individually, or in bulk, to rapidly erase personally identifying data while keeping other important non-identifying but strategically essential data in tact.

Measure the Privacy Guard experience

Download the compliance capability comparison chart to learn how complying with GDPR while using Vtiger is easier when you use Privacy Guard, from the new ways it helps you comply, to how it saves you time.


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