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Calculus AI

How can AI help sales teams?

From the CEO’s desk

Gartner in its Top CRM Sales Technologies for the new realities of selling Covid-19 world has outlined 5 applications of AI in Sales processes.

  1. AI in Sales Forecasting
  2. AI in Deal Scoring
  3. AI in Conversation Intelligence
  4. AI in Pricing Technologies
  5. AI in Coaching Enablement

You might wonder why you should consider this now. Keeping the unique pandemic-induced situation, Forrester in its Predictions 2021 - The Time is Now for AI to Shine suggests that businesses should now “boldly apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to emerge stronger both in the short-term and in the long-term”

Vtiger Calculus AI applies the power of AI and NLP to help your marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

AI guided selling with Calculus AI

With Calculus AI, your sales reps have a personal assistant that will be accompanying them at all times and deliver the right alerts and information to improve conversations and increase conversion.  

Calculus helps Sales reps with:
  1. Identifying the right leads based on engagement with marketing content.
  2. Generating alerts when it is time to get in touch.
  3. Improving prospecting with email sequences
  4. Providing suggestions on content to send when replying to emails.
  5. Improving deal conversion by recommending tasks to be performed at each stage of the deal.
  6. Tracking a contact’s sentiment on a deal.
  7. Identifying potential risks on a deal to take proactive actions.
Calculus helps Sales managers with:
  1. Reliable forecasting by predicting which deals are likely to close.
  2. Alerts when it is time to get involved in a deal.
  3. Analyzing phone and email conversations automatically and identifies those that deviate from best practices.
  4. Becoming mentors and coaches to train team members by flagging poor conversations.
  5. Rate conversations with custom scorecards.
  6. Spot individuals/areas that need improvement with the Coaches dashboard.
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Offer of the month - Try Calculus AI for 45 days 

Calculus AI helps your sales persons close more deals by leveraging machine learning, and helps Sales managers become mentors by analyzing conversations, providing deal level warnings, and more.

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Product updates

Approver Note

Approver Note

Now you can view Approver notes along with the Requester note in the Summary View of the record itself. It helps you gain a better understanding of the approval rationale.

All user's History

All user's History

The newly updated History widget in the Dashboard displays the history of all the users to the Admins. Prior to this update, only the report user's history was available. 

Email Sequence

Identify deleted contacts in Email Sequence Recipient box

Now you can easily identify the deleted recipients of an email sequence through the exclamation icon displayed beside the recipient's name. The exclamatory icon is displayed irrespective of the length of the recipient’s name. 

Record Header View

Record Header View

The Header View of a record automatically displays the available email address - primary or secondary. You need to enable the header/key field for the secondary email in the layout editor for this to work.

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