6 Benefits of Using CRM Email Templates

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that businesses still largely bank upon. According to research1, 93% of B2B marketers leverage emails to distribute content.
However, creating effective email campaigns consistently is a hurdle that every marketer faces. Additionally, marketing emails need to have tailored content for the recipient to improve their chances of success. This makes running email campaigns all the more challenging.
Fortunately, customizable email templates have alleviated these impediments to some extent.

Email templates give you total control for personalizing the content. You can customize emails with minimum effort, as you will understand further down this post. It also reduces the amount of work in drafting these emails. According to Uplers2 (Martech solution), the monthly search volume for email templates in June 2020 was 12,100.

Learn about the benefits of using email templates. They will help you immensely in your marketing campaigns.

Achieve branding consistency

“Branding is the art of differentiation” -David Brier

Ensuring brand consistency is difficult when you create emails from scratch every time you start an email campaign. Syncing the brand voice and theme across multiple emails manually is also cumbersome. As per Lucidpress3, a consistent brand presentation has led to an average revenue increase of 33%. Using email templates that are in tune with your branding is a no-brainer. A single email template can be used multiple times to ensure branding consistency effortlessly. You may even create a repository of email templates representing your brand, which can then be used as needed.

Create personalized emails

“Personalization is not a trend, it’s a marketing tsunami.” – Avi Dan

How do you stand out among the hundreds of marketing emails a customer receives? Personalized emails can give you that edge! Using personalized content in marketing is now more of a need than a luxury, and email templates make this process simple. Email templates allow you to add customer-specific information directly from a database or software. Say using the customer’s name in the subject line, for example. In Vtiger CRM, you can use merge tags to accomplish this. This simple tweak will increase the likelihood of your emails being opened.

Improved email design

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” –Ralf Speth

Email design plays a vital role in determining how successful your email campaigns are. The email design should be in line with your message and branding. If you do not have a team or time to design beautiful emails, email templates can help fill this void. Email templates usually come with their own designs.
Vtiger CRM offers over 40+ preloaded email templates that can be customized. You can pick one of these readymade templates to match your requirements and use it in your email campaigns. You may even hire designers to create unique email templates for various occasions and needs. Vtiger gives you two options to create email templates – via drag and drop editor and HTML/CSS. This ensures that marketers do not fuss over the lack of good email designs when launching email campaigns.
You can also create a repository of such templates to be used when needed.

Leverage campaign metrics

You_ve got to tell a story, paint a vision, know your metrics and sell, sell, sell. Mitch Harper

Tracking the metrics of your email campaigns can help you refine your marketing approach. Email campaign metrics tell you how many of your recipients opened the emails, clicked on the links, etc. The metrics can then be analyzed for every template to ascertain its efficacy. Vtiger CRM offers several metrics in email campaigns such as unopened, bounces, clicks, unsubscribe, etc. Based on these numbers, you can modify email templates to boost their conversion capability.

Optimize time spent

_The bad news is time flies. The good news is you_re the pilot._ - Michael Altshuler

When marketers use email templates in their campaigns, they can save a lot of time. Time spent in designing the email and testing its compatibility on mobile screens is saved. Thanks to email templates, all that is required of you is to place the appropriate content and tweak it as needed. The time saved can be used to optimize content for higher conversions or other marketing deliverables.

Minimize errors

If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out. - Rabindranath Tagore

Sending marketing emails with errors can be damaging. It is imperative that you ensure zero errors in your marketing projects. Email templates can be extremely beneficial in this regard. Since email templates cover most of the content in the emails, you need to fill in less information than usual. This reduces the probability of human errors on the whole. Additionally, email templates can be configured to extract data from the database or software to fill in the emails.

Great content and design are two essential aspects needed to succeed in email campaigns.
The marketing emails you send to your prospects need to be formatted for readability and have visual elements to break the monotony of reading. Leverage Vtiger CRM’s Email Templates feature to attain these requirements effortlessly the next time you start an email campaign.

See how powerful email templates can be by signing up for a free trial of Vtiger CRM.



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Technically and neatly explained….😊👏


Thank’s, It’s a great thing that this article suggested the importance of CRM.


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