Microsoft Teams integration with Vtiger CRM

-From the CEO’s Desk

Over 100 million users in organizations across the world are using Microsoft Teams to collaborate and share information. This number is growing and faster with the recent announcement that the upcoming Windows 11 will bundle Teams.

Microsoft Teams is more than a video conferencing solution. It facilitates topic-based conversations via channels and through integrations, helps team members share information that will spur actions and move tasks forward. 

We are pleased to share that (with excellent support from Microsoft’s Teams division), we have built and launched the Vtiger App in the Microsoft Teams marketplace.

With this integration, you can:

  1. Pin and view your CRM Dashboards and Lists within the Team's Channels.
  2. Use Vtiger Bot to view and share CRM Deal, Task, and other info directly from within Teams.
  3. View the day’s agenda.
  4. Create and send Teams Meeting links from within CRM, in the Contact, Deal, Email, Chat, and Event pages. 
  5. View details such as meeting URLs, recording URLs, and invitees’ attendance in the CRM event record. 

Whether you are using Microsoft Teams on desktop, web, or mobile, you can easily access and share your CRM records. The Salesforce acquisition of Slack demonstrates the value of integrations with collaboration apps. In the coming months, we will be enhancing Teams integration to deliver more value to you. Install the Vtiger app in Microsoft Teams today. Click on Add-ons from your Teams, and search for Vtiger. 

For details, please click here or watch this video.


Feature Announcement

vtiger confetti

Vtiger Confetti

It’s raining Confetti in the CRM. 

Yes, you heard us right! 

Vtiger has added the Confetti feature to its CRM. Built using Vtigers’s low code platform VTAP, the feature allows you to add confetti to the module of your choice.  

Come celebrate your achievements by adding Confetti to your announcements in the CRM!


New Integrations


Clearbit Integration

Vtiger CRM + Clearbit integration empowers your sales team to enrich contact and lead records with contextual information.

Get clarity on your Contact’s persona and pain points to strike the right conversation. 

Check out how it can help you here.


IndiaMART Integration

Vtiger CRM + IndiaMART integration liberates you from the burden of tracking and monitoring leads.  

Capture lead data into the CRM and streamline your sales process with automated emails. 

Enhance customer communication with the IndiaMART integration edge. 

Read all about it here


Customer of the Month

pactia logo

Pactia is a Colombian real estate private equity fund with $1 billion in assets under management operating in Colombia, the U.S., and Panama.

The contracting part of our sales process used to be very lengthy, usually taking 2-3 months. Now, through the use of Vtiger Print Templates and automation we have reduced this process to 30 days or less.

-Sergio Zapata, Customer Service Manager for Pactia

Pactia Case Study


Vtiger Snippets


Grid Edit

Are you still opening each record individually to modify and save specific data? Do you perform this task repeatedly? 

Vtiger CRM’s Grid Edit feature is here to rid you of this dilemma. 

Learn more about it.


Microsoft Teams + Vtiger CRM integration

Get ready to experience the benefits of an amazing collaboration - the functionality of the Microsoft Teams app and customizable feature-driven Vtiger CRM!

Read all about it in our blog.


My Favorite Feature




Pratim Dasgupta

Support Manager

Transform your inbox to a super inbox!

The Mailroom feature is used to scan emails and perform automated tasks designed by the Admin of the CRM. 

This has helped thousands of our customers to create automated tickets, deals, and tasks and also attach incoming customer emails to the respective customer records.


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